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Just restarted to build models after a long break where I was modeling two nice sons now tall enough to fly by themselves. Quite handy and former engineer of a famous Swiss company, I now managing a development team. Even though my job is basically quite creative I miss the feeling of modeling things with my hands.
I like, on my models, to add details from scratch or with PE and to make them used with weathering.

F4U-1D - Corsair - VF84

Dear Modellers, Here is my version of the 1/32 Corsair F4U-1D. It took me 10 months to build it. I spent a lot of time building the cockpit and engine. I used this time a lot of products from ANYZ and the belts are from HGW models. I used [...]

Mark V (Male)

My Mark V (Male) is finally finished. Yes! was not so productive recently... The idea was to provide this model with two environments; one side in the reality of muddy terrain and the other one in a museum. The museum side is opened [...]

F-4D Phantom

Dear Modelers, I actually finished this model some months ago, but I did not feel like posting this guy earlier with the event in Ukraine and many friends in Kyiv and around trying to save their life. Anyway, this is a classic model from [...]

Rolland C.II (Eduard Ritter von Schleich – FFA 2b – March 1916)

Model from WNW. The plane was made out of the box except for the top gun handles, the air duct on top of the cooling system, and the rigging. Propeller and wood effects were done with color pencils and oils. The base was made from [...]

Soviet Night Witch

My "Night Witch" finished. Quite an interesting exercise to master skin & leather colors, textures, shadow, etc. Painting eyes was... ayoooo... so hard... ? Beautiful Young Miniatures 1/10. All done with acrylic and oil [...]

Sherman M4A3 76 W

To change a bit from planes, let's explore a mythic actor of WWII; the US Sherman M4A3 76 W. Here the version which participated in the Battle of Bulge, Bastogne, Belgium in December 1944. Meng Model 1/35 + Edward PE. I used excellent [...]

Armored Austro-Hungarian Romfell car, 1915

My last build for 2020: Armored Austro-Hungarian Romfell car, 1915. Only a few prototypes were built because some generals and the emperor Franz Joseph I thought that thing would scare the horses during a war... So better to push your [...]

Spitfire Mk.VIII under maintenance in 1943 somewhere in Malaysia

I really enjoyed spending a lot of time adding a lot of details in the cockpit and engine. I learned quite a lot about scratch build with this model, mainly playing with lead or copper wires and brass plates. Globally the kit was aligned [...]

Mitsubishi Betty G4M1 Type 11

Based on various references I gathered and document I read, I learned that the paint quality in Japan during WWII was really low. As a result, Japanese fighters and bombers looked quickly quite skinned. That was a perfect chipping [...]

Imperial Japanese NavyYokosuka MXY7 Ohka

A recently done this tiny funny build from Fine Molds with the self-challenge to build it as fast as possible. Done it in about 5 days. Very fine details and good quality parts. I also got a PE set for small details as the pitot tube and [...]