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1/72 scale Hasegawa Sukhoi-27 Flanker Ukranian Air force

December 22, 2018 · in Aviation · · 11 ≡

Goodday to all ,

The kit of the -27 air force is one of the most convenient kit of the scheme as they include decal version of the digital camouflage which gives the kit the advantage in terms of reducing time for masking to produce the digital pattern. The kit has good detail plastic mold and panel lining which is convenient for its standard. The base color for the surface is C335 Mr Color grey and sky blue. After painting the plane panel line treatment is applied to increase detail of the frame and AK wash products to make it appear weathered. Overall its a good kit and the result of the build is satisfying as the beautiful scheme has a stunning contrast in pattern and color.

Thanks for your time,

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  1. A stunning, eye-catching job, sir...very nice!

  2. Arguably the most beautiful aircraft design. Cracking model.

  3. Beautiful Flanker, well done!

  4. The Flanker and Dassault Rafale are some of the most beautiful fighter designs. Needless to say your model is magnificent. Well done!

  5. I can only Parrot what has been written. Excellent build and decaling on the Flanker. I wonder if the Ukrainians would go to the trouble of doing all of that masking would make sense to use some Vinyl rap. Print the cameo.

  6. thanks guys !

  7. Nice job,grat!
    I really like your painting,very nice camouflage!

  8. Mee, Wonderful work making this scheme look great. Nicely done !

  9. Man, I wouldn't want to mask that! Beautiful result!

  10. As you say, it’s a beautiful scheme colour-wise in terms of contrast, modulation, and depth. And wonderfully done, I’d add.


  11. Love it! I usually get nervous when decals cover so much territory, but it appears they went down without a hitch. I may have to get this same kit, as I really like the scheme. Well done.

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