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Hasegawa 1/72 Chilean F-16D "Peace Puma"

March 1, 2021 · in Aviation · · 20 · 2.6K

I saw this beautiful Chilean built by George Johnson a few years ago ( and decided I had to build one myself (in my scale). I secured a Sufa as the base kit, and finally found some decals from TwoBobs on ebay (out of print).

Hasegawa cockpits are kinda basic, so I added some details to the seats at least, as under that big clear canopy it would definitely be visible. I also had to cut off the tail boom, and use the spare tail provided in the box to cut off an additional section and extend the boom, including the tail chute.

There were several aerials, vents and intakes that needed to be added or eliminated from the Sufa kit to make the Chilean version.

I used some Python missiles and the AN/AAQ-28 Litening pod from the Skunkworks IDF weapons set, stole the JDAMs from my Italeri F-35 kit, and used the kit parts for the AIM-120 AMRAAMs. I had to buy a Hasegawa weapons set off ebay to secure the pylon to mount the Litening pod (and in hindsight, it already contained a Litening pod as well, but I'd already built up the Skunkworks one. At least it saved me scratch building the pylon!). The most intricate masking issue of this build was the ordnance - especially the JDAMs!

I custom mixed the paint colors from Tamiya paints - from a magazine article I found on the build - that might actually have been George's build in the article, but I didn't make note! The colors look close to the reference photos I could find, and I just love the green color on it, so even if it's a tad inaccurate, I'm going with it! The aircraft, tanks and pylons were all black-based/marbled before painting. I also slightly tinted the canopy with Tamiya Smoke, though I should have laid it on a tad thicker as it's barely perceptible.

After panel line wash, I used AK pencils for the first round of weathering, especially underneath where there are more fluid stains. Once clear coated again, I used pastel chalk powders, and then after that clear coat, a final pass with some white oil dot filtering to provide a last attempt at paint fading.

I usually don't leave the exhaust as glossy (generally flat-coated), but I liked the contrast, so masked it before the last few flat coats.

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  1. For sure this is a beautiful F16, Greg. @gkittinger
    This Chilean scheme is very nice and you applied it very well.
    Weathering great as well.

  2. Sharp, Greg. I enjoy seeing the F-16 in other then standard US colors.

  3. Nice work. I like the flying stand for models, if room is available.

  4. Great job Greg!

  5. Nicely modified Greg, looks good and different.

  6. I like the colors too, very pleasing.

  7. Nice looking result Greg.

  8. Great looking F-16 Greg. The 'in-flight' mounting always gives your builds a great perspective.
    That Hasegawa model looks like an excellent kit.

  9. This Chilean looks really cool (there's a pun there if you look hard enough), very neat work, as always, and well researched and detailed, definitely liked.

  10. Echiong all above comments, let me also congratulate you, Greg, for this excellent build of thet beautiful camoed F-16!

  11. Beautiful aircraft Greg. I love it

  12. Your F-16 is a real beauty enhanced even more by your terrific photos. It really looks good on that stand.

  13. Another great one, Greg!

  14. Beautiful. Super paint work and crystal clear canopies!

  15. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    I just logged into the forum and as usual scrolled on the first "PAGE"
    of the headlines, I could not let this one pass by as I noticed it was the last one.
    This is simply a very gorgeous work Greg !
    Nice and befitting camouflage work and a very good touch of subtle weathering.
    Looks like a well maintained aircraft.
    Very well done.

  16. Great paintwork and weathering on your F-16D, Greg. I am amazed by what you achieve in 1/72nd scale. You show great painterly skill in the oil wash technique to bring out the details. I really like this Chilean scheme and the look of the Sufa layout for the two seater really brings out the best in the aircraft. It is hard to believe the basic F-16 design has been around since 1974, it has a timeless beauty that makes it look always up-to-date.

  17. Greg- I am flattered! Your build is outstanding and now you've inspired me to build another one. Everything about your model is perfect. I love the subtle weathering. These planes were relatively new when I built mine so they hadn't weathered much, but after a few years, they look pretty beat up now.

  18. Thanks George @georgelj - high praise coming from you!

  19. Spotted this article today (I see it was posted in March) at the bottom of the screen- and had to send a message to you- awesome build! Really great scheme! I have wanted to do one of the "humped" F-16's for a while- I think it will end up being Venezuelan! Thanks for posting this.
    Dan from Bermuda.

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