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Cleanliness is next to 1/48 godlessness

Over the years I've spent some time cleaning up hangars, so it is not without a certain irony I find my self spending time dirtying one up.

My affair with filth began a few weeks ago with seagulls.

I found a few that still waiting in the detail box, so I put them on the . Of course when one deals with seagulls inevitably one must deal with the aftermath.

And now - Hangar 2.0

Tired of that old hangar diorama with clean floors that look like a kid’s playset from the 50s? Well no more! The new Hangar 2.0 now has dirty floors! That’s right, the new hangar no longer looks like Mr. Clean swept through it on a white tornado.

I’ve heard the talk.

“You know Barb, I was impressed with the size of his diorama, just throbbing with activity, ohhh I was so excited! Then I saw the floor . . .”

“I know what you mean Marge - that hangar floor. Whiter than white, brighter than bright, it was a disgusting turn off for me too! I can’t believe he would actually show photos of that juvenile display on the web. I would be so ashamed.”

But no more! The new Hangar 2.0 has resolved the problems by adding all the dirt, grit and grime one usually finds in a hangar – at least those not harboring Lears, Gulfstreams and Falcons.

So here – it – is and look at the stunning results






Just look at the difference dirt makes! Yes sir! Hangar 2.0 satisfies that craving for realism.

And Then . . .

I was working one night, late in my lab, trusty martini at the ready, when a slip of the sleeve gave me reprieve and my focus went suddenly unsteady. The martini went flyin’ and in spite of my cryin’, doused the Cub on the dirt nearby. The spill was so big, it covered the rig - all I could do was just sigh. Sick with dismay I dared not delay and so reached for a towel to clean up the mess that was dryin.’ When I suddenly noted, with grin almost bloated, the interesting stain, that had been such a pain, had a touch of real world flyin’.

Here’s the results.

I was in the mood for dirt so I went ahead and rusted up the chain link fence and then added some grass and foliage.

Then someone made a comment about the shiny hubcaps on the truck so I fixed their wagon.

To think I once served in one of the top notch cleaning services in the world - The USMC. I can only imagine what the D.I. would say if he saw my hanger.

This pretty much wraps up the hanger segment of the diorama. Now it's on to finishing the aircraft. Then again, I just might divert and build that Zeppelin waiting in the shed.

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  1. This project really gives me goosebumps, really cool. The best photo is possibly the one taken through the hangar windows.

  2. The realism of this project is totally cool. There's a couple photos where I say nope, not a diorama at all!

  3. Outstanding Marine! Really looks the part @flyingwrench. Nicely done!

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