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2018 Greater Sydney Scale Model Expo

March 18, 2018 · in Show Reports · 18 · 2.3K

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I travelled up to the Greater Sydney Scale Model Expo for a look. The show is in it's 3rd year and basically run by one person with support of local IPMS NSW Club. The venue at Stanhope Gardens was great, light and airy with lots of space and most importantly, air conditioning, given the 35 plus degree temperatures on the day...

I can see this show growing to a great show with the increased support of all modellers in the greater Sydney region. The pics are the models that caught my eye and taste. The 1/35 Meng F-35 in RAAF markings was exceptional, and whilst the aircraft itself is not to my liking, the finished model was top class. The Meng P-51D by same modeller as F-35 was also very nice! Must start my own Meng P-51D...

The were were a numbers of traders present and a swap a sell and whilst relatively small, I still managed to snag a few bargains!

I look forward to next years show.

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  1. Very nice! Thanks for posting all the way from Down Under. I liked the metal finish on the Mirage a lot, as well as the weathered Corsair! Enjoy the Summer, here in Europe the weather is terribly cold with snow, so ideal modeling weather!


    • Hi Michel,
      I was all excited to do some modelling today and it is even hotter than yesterday! My modelling area is in garage and it feels like 40 degrees out there...
      I liked the Mirage and good to see the High Planes Model up close, the detail is quite good and might get one myself now that I have seen one up close. The Corsair was also very well done.
      All the best

  2. Great pictorial report, Darren. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing Darren. Excellent work on show. The Mustangs caught my attention, they are great, and same as Michel said, the Mirage from High Planes looks fantastic.
    Cheers, Ferry.

  4. Some excellent models on display Darren, thanks for posting. That Tomcat really stands out to me, looks like a lot of extra detailing was done.

  5. Love the Mirage and the Halifax. The High Planes Mirage must have been a difficult build. Great work.

  6. They ALL "caught my eye", Darren...exceptional work by everyone. Thanks for sharing your pics - and those 'degrees' you mention must be celsius, huh?

  7. Nice models! Thanks for sharing.
    Were there only models of military aircraft and military vehicles to be seen at the show?

    • Hi Ulf

      There were some cars, figures and ships etc. I used my phone for the pics and would have liked to take more pictures but was conscious of the battery. I mainly took the pics of models I liked as well.

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    said on March 18, 2018

    Some great looking builds on show. Thanks for posting.

  9. Thanx for sharing!

  10. You Ozzies do nice work. Thanks for the report.

  11. Darren,
    Looking at all those wonderful, and some truly outstanding, models you post I was thinking that being only 1 P-47 showed was too few for you. Did you not exhibit some of your fantastic thunderbolts?
    Besides wings, I really like that Hellcat tank, it’s extremely well done

  12. Thanks for the photos/report Darren - I reckon you'd have a live chance with some of your p-47s! Great stuff!

  13. Thanks for sharing these, Darren, looks like a great show.

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