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The "Hangar-Games" Part III: GPM's big hangar on a small scale

My search for photogenic backgrounds for photographing aircraft models led me to the cardboard models of the Polish manufacturer GPM. As a newcomer in the field of cardboard model building, I was surprised at how complex and at the same [...]

Cleanliness is next to 1/48 godlessness

Over the years I've spent some time cleaning up hangars, so it is not without a certain irony I find my self spending time dirtying one up. My affair with filth began a few weeks ago with seagulls. I found a few that still waiting in the [...]

The Hangar

The "Bobcat" is now in the hangar along with a number of other aircraft. The Diorama is shaping up to conclusion with the Beech at the final stages and the Goose not far off. It's been a long and interesting journey to this [...]

A diorama within in a diorama ~ or ~ details, details, details!

A diorama provides a scale snap shot of life in four dimensions. Height, breadth, width and time. The diorama is three dimensional image of a moment frozen in time. The beauty and treasure of the diorama is that, unlike life, whose moments [...]

So you’ve built a 1/48 hangar but…

So you've built a 1/48 hangar, but the aircraft for the diorama are slow going. What does one do with an ongoing diorama project taking up a corner of the basement? Make it into a backdrop for photo shoots. Mr. Terry Davis gave me some [...]