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Review: Exito Decals from Poland

December 5, 2018 · in Reviews · · 7 Comments

I'm sure you all heard or read about this new decal manufacturer elsewhere, but I got their brand new sheet Wulf Pack pt1and the quality presented raises the bar on the decal AM niche. As you can see in the photos it comes in a A4 size card envelope contain not only the Decals (Cartograph made) but full color drawings in several angles from the 3 FW190s you get. For around €10 I feel it's probably the best choice around if you want to build an A-3, A-4 or A-5 version of this famous fighter. I know I'll be building the 3 in the near future. This decal sheet was paid from my very own pocket, along with a few other goodies from a very good polish online hobby shop. BTW, Exito in Portuguese means success, which I believe this brand deserves.

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7 responses

  1. Looks good Pedro, I particularly like the 3rd 190 on the sheet. Will keep an eye out for it. Lucky that I know a shop here in So Cal that carries a lot of the unusual and unique decal sheets world wide. Thanks for the quick review, looking forward to your next few Fw190 builds.

    • Thanks Chuck, I’m sure this brand will be available from some hobby shops in the US. By third you’re pointing at the A-5 right? It’s a beauty 😉
      I’m inclined to go to the A-4 version first. That highly unusual mix of codes and call signs makes it irresistible

  2. Thanks, Pedro - got me in the mood for a Butcher Bird. I have these ‘topcolors’ (cartograf) decals just lying around in the kitchen - of all places, (maybe someone trying to tell me something) just waiting to be used. LOVE that winter ‘tiger stripe’ scheme in the first photo.

    • David, that A-8 is quite awesome, a teal challenge for a fine needle and a steady hand, go for it!
      Those TopColours are also excellent value for money, I have one for late WW2 jets (used those to build my Heinkel Salamender), and cal quality is top notch- cartograph as these from Exito.
      The one in the book cover, with the fox insignia, what A version is it?

  3. Nice selection. I get a lot from Poland: oddball resin kits that no one else does, photoetch and other similar. Thanks for sharing.

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