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Eduard 190 A-5 : “Sepp” Würmheller side ride

We seem to be on a roll with Focke-Wulfs here lately so I thought I’d join the trend, hope you don’t mind! This is my latest build, my 6th Eduard Wurger Wunder Kit, this time an A-5, under the pretext of the latest decal sheet Exito [...]

Arma Yakovlev Yak-1b

I was so impressed with Arma’s FM-2 Wildcats that I ordered a couple of their Yak-1’s from Hannants. This is kit 70027, their “Expert Set” which contains photoetch and a mask set. The parts are of the highest quality with [...]

Hasegawa Fw 190 A-5: giving a long time shelf queen new robes

Few months ago I purchased a decal sheet from a new company named Exito Decals, simply because it had a trio of nice, never before presented in decal form (as far as I know) FW.190s. One of them, Yellow 5, was a one of a kind eastern front [...]

Review: Exito Decals from Poland

I'm sure you all heard or read about this new decal manufacturer elsewhere, but I got their brand new sheet Wulf Pack pt1and the quality presented raises the bar on the decal AM niche. As you can see in the photos it comes in a A4 size [...]