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Kinectic 1/48 Mirage III E Brazilian Air Force


This is a Brazilian Air Force Mirage IIIE, in the air defense color scheme used back in the 90's. These machines were replaced by the Mirage 2000 which, in turn, will be replaced by swedish and locally built Grippens.

The kit is a nightmare regarding fitting, specially in the air intakes and aft lower fuselage. Almost ran out of sanders and superglue. Instructions sheet is also very poor. I was told they corrected some of these errors in the dual seat version. But it is not as cool as this one...

I've made a few mistakes during painting, hopefully you won't notice. That is my first black basing project.


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17 responses

  1. Stunning detail work on this...outstanding job!

  2. Nice work, George. The Mirage is certainly a sleek-looking aircraft! These National markings really ‘pop’ against the neutral greys, and I like the tonal variations.

  3. Not sure what mistakes you had there buddy, it's plain gorgeous!,Nem sabia que as FAB usaram Mirage III, óptimo trabalho

  4. Excellent build, and great job on the paint work! I've got a project going to build aircraft of the various S. American air forces, and I think I'll add one of these to the list. Love the Mirage.

  5. El resultado final es muy bueno.El acabado de pintura inmejorable

  6. Gracias Julio. Muy amable!

  7. Beautifully done!

  8. Great work on this classic Dassault fighter.
    Kinetic is one of my love brands. Nothing compares to the crisp surfaces they make.

  9. Stellar job! This is one of the greatest looking military aircraft of all time and looks even better in our colors. Adelphi!

  10. Hi Thiago. I agree, Mirages are quite fabulous and beautiful machines. Thank you!
    À La Chasse!

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