Academy B-17F

October 25, 2018 · in Aviation · · 7 Comments
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Had a few minutes tonight so figured I'd open her up and get the inside of the fuselage painted up and take look at the sprues. Being my first scale aircraft I wasnt sure what to think and honestly still don't. The directions are literally two pages and in 6 "action packed" steps the aircraft will be put together. The only oddity so far is that you have to actually cut out the right waist gunners window. Other than that I will post throughout this build and cant wait to see how she turns out!

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7 responses

  1. looks good. I am trying to decide what B-17 to get

    • I have this as a starter and am going to jump into the 1/48 B17G from Revell after this. Hopefully my posts can help with a decision. Best of luck!

      • I built the 1/72 Revell for Grandpa. For his 70th we got a flight on Sentimental Journey. The 72 build was almost identical in build steps to the latest Airfix one. I was leaning towards the 72 Revell as I knew what to expect but the Airfix is getting nice reviews. In 48 the Revell could well be your best bet.

  2. Have fun, Dylan! Ya don't see many "E" models.

  3. Lookin' watchin' your progress. 🙂

  4. Ditto the above, It'll be nice to see.

  5. Here I am again, following Jeff, Craig, and Robert. I feel like Zeppo (ah, you guys are too young for the reference). Anyway, always great to see a fortress. If you want a closer look at the revell B17 in 1/48 I guess you could do worse than check this out...

    I hear the guys skills are passable and it’ll show you all the mistakes you shouldn’t make!

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