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2 down 2 to go! “Diggin” building in 2019!

January 27, 2019 · in Automotive · 9 · 1.4K

Ok, so my goal was to build the 4 kits I had been given as gifts before building any others. The Pan Am 2001 Clipper was first, next I chose one of the sillies kits I've ever build, straight from the "Rat Fink" craze of the 1960s Hawks' "Digger" Not much to say, I slapped it together, slapped some paint on and here you go. Most fun a 10 50 something little boy could have! Next Silhouette or Yellow Feather...

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  1. See that IPA and raise you a lovely old London Ale, Rob!

    Great modeling; bonkers, but great.


  2. awesome rob...i remember these in the local hobby shop when they had a contest early 60's and lots of "41" willys...big daddy roth had a fertile mind and you've done him justice...fink was a dirty word at that time...he's probably after your beer

  3. Ahhhhhh this one brings back memories. It sort of looks like the Monogram "Red Baron" if you can imagine a large silver colored German helmet in place on top. Did the jacket's "art work" on the back come along as part of the kit or was this an addition ? I just noticed the play on words with the side wall lettering on the tires.

    Very cool and "liked".

  4. I hand painted the jacket, there was supposed to be a parachute pack back there, but it just didn't look right, even for this! So I left it off and painted some late 70s early 80s punk logos on it.

  5. Another great blast from the past!

  6. 🙂 didn't know!
    thumbs up!

  7. Another thing was I mostly used rattle cans and brush painting. I did use an airbrush for the black, but only because I didn't have a rattle can pf black!

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