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Jet Age Museum in Gloucestershire

January 11, 2019 · in Photo Collections · · 18 · 1.8K

In his "On This Day" blog, David has recently shown a picture of a Typhoon, taken at Gloster Factory in 1944. Having a special remembrance to this place, I thought I could show some of my pictures from a UK (Telford/Gloucester) trip in 2016 where I stopped by at some sites which have a close connection to our beloved hobby. The trip started with a visit at THE fair and continued with a stop at the aforementioned Jet Age Museum. It is a museum which was established on the historical ground belonging to former Gloster Factory. The people involved are extraordinary friendly with a deep knowledge showing us around in a private tour. If you have the opportunity, go there. It's worth it. Have fun with these uploaded pictures!

(By the way, I bought an Airfix 1/48 Gloster Meteor kit at the museum shop. This is why I just decided this built to be the topic of my next article.)

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  1. Nice collection of photos Michael. Thanks for posting.

  2. those are the training simulator

  3. A nice set of pictures Mike, the trainer meteor with the long canopy is the best looking version of the family in my opinion, thanks for posting.

  4. Hey Michael. Thanks for sharing your photos. Isn't picture #17 a Link Trainer? I'd love to give one of those a try, just for grins. During WWII, my Mother was an operator of these machines. I don't know what all that involved, but it was something she was proud of.

    • Hi Jeff, yes it is funny: I guess no platic kit company is producing those trainers; would be a scratchbuild job. It is made by wood and I guess there exists something like a canopy to train flight without sight, too. It is interesting that your mother did this job!

  5. Brilliant photos.


  6. I have never been here but might have to drop in for a look next time I am up that way.I guess the biplane is a Gloster Gamecock?
    Great Photos Michael.

    • Thank you for your reply, David. Honestly I do not remember what kind of biplane it was.
      I just remember that it was the last Gloster biplane and that it was built between the wars./BR Michael

  7. Really nice! Thanks for sharing.

  8. The Gamecock (must be a replica?) looks fantastic. Is that a Hurricane next to it? Shame to see the two out of four Meteors depicted in that condition, but a great museum to visit.

    • Hi August, thank you for replying. Yes, that was a Hurricane. I absolutely do recommend a visit there. For me most important was the fact that Sir Frank Whittle (who developed also the jet engine but in a different way and not knowing Hans von Ohains plan on the German side at the same time) did his work there. His son, by the way, is a patron of that museum. Strangely enough, these two genius had a long lasting friendship after the war!

  9. Michael: Did you get any more photos of the Meteor night fighter with the Operation Musketeer markings (yellow/black stripes)? Love to see them if possible.

  10. Dear Tom, thank you for your comment. I need to check this in my database/archive. Will contact you later again./BR Michael

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