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I live in Austria and am in my mid 50s. Started my modelers career when I was a kid at my grandfather’s workbench as probably many of you. It all began with Airfix’ Lunar Module in 1/72 back in the early 70s. Building model kits was not interesting anymore when I discovered girls and bikes. Then there were those years where the job got more important and my focus was more on my wife and beloved son. So time was rare. Some years ago, I made a restart. Over the years, this hobby has become my true passion. It really makes my (weekend) days.

Me 109 in flight

Hello iModelers! Again another Me109……: This was a little testbed project I did in 2017. On the one hand, I once inherited some of these hemispherical wooden bases and on the other hand, I always wanted to show this Me109 in flight. I was happy [...]

Aircraft Museum in Berlin-part 2 – indoor

These pictures should not be so dark as the outdoor ones; we had rainy weather that day - sorry

Aircraft Museum in Berlin-part 1 – outdoor

Hello friends, I’ve just returned from a weekend trip to Berlin. I took the opportunity and visited the „Militär Historisches Museum“ at the former Berlin airport called „Gatow“. The outdoor area offers a variety of mainly cold war icons from bo[...]

Jet Age Museum in Gloucestershire part 2

Dear iModelers! I was thinking about continuing one of my last articles about the Jet Age Museum. During a wonderful road trip through the southwestern part of Britain in 2017, I got the chance to visit the Jet Age Museum in Gloucestershire wher[...]

Time Travel

Hi there iModelers! Here is another project from my shelf... Initially, this kit was released by Heller back in the 1970s. In the 1980s, I was given the opportunity to drive a bike like this myself. It was a friend‘s bike and since then I coul[...]

Introducing myself

Hello there @ iModeler! Today, I want to show you some pictures of my current life as a modeler. The first picture is showing me meeting Mig Jiménez at the Nuremberg Toy Fair about 2 weeks ago; this was one of my highlights early this year. Furt[...]

Jet Age Museum in Gloucestershire

In his "On This Day" blog, David has recently shown a picture of a Gloster Typhoon, taken at Gloster Factory in 1944. Having a special remembrance to this place, I thought I could show some of my pictures from a UK (Telford/Gloucester) trip in 2[...]

Mercury Spacecraft from HORIZON MODELS 1/72

HORIZON MODELS from Australia are specialized on spacecraft from the cold war era. They produce launch systems and modules, too. The kit was a birthday surprise from my lovely wife. It also includes a stand and the Mercury logo. I built an unman[...]

Thank you for all your comments on my first article!

Honestly, I was more than surprised about all your reactions; can't believe it. Thank you so much. David has asked me what my next project would be. So, I chose this one for my second article: WIP! From the pictures you see that I am currently[...]

My first article here!

Hello everybody! I am following iModeler for the last 2 or 3 months now. So, I thought I should participate, too. I do especially appreciate your DAILY NEWS thread!!! A lot of unknown pictures and impressive facts - brief and entertaining. [...]