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Lindberg 1/48 scale P-80 C Shooting Star unexpected gift

January 20, 2019 · in Uncategorized · · 10 · 2.5K

Suprises can come to you from a very unsuspected source...

As it happened I visited a model train fair yesterday together with a longterm modelmaker friend.

He spotted between all scale trains an old Revell 1/32 scale Spitfire, one of the earliest boxings. The stallholder wanted a substantial amount of money, but after some negociating the price of this Revell kit dropped gigantic as the stallholder noticed there was no intrest at all from trainlovers in this kind of kits. My mate bought the Spitfire and as a complete surprise the stallholder turned up with this old Linberg kit and asked me if I had any interest, followed by the famous words "please take it with you, no one wants it" So a gift from the 50's, well before my time, but wow a great addition to my "little museum of old kits and history". I'm happy as can be, and will display it in one of my cabinets. Sharing this as it might bring back memories for some of the iModeler community. Please feel free to share your memories as a result of my posting.

Cheers, Ferry

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  1. A true vintage kit, still in its original box πŸ˜‰ that alone makes it worth it

  2. The golden age of plastic modeling. I recently picked up the Lindberg Monocoupe, Swea Pea, and Pete. There is something endearing about these old kits, they were the best of a bygone era.

  3. Back when all (or most) kits included a display stand, too. I don't see a decal sheet, but they probably would've been useless anyway.. πŸ™
    I noticed the first name of Lindbergh on the box - never knew that. And 27 parts? That should translate into like a one-day build (well...maybe three - πŸ™‚ )

  4. Love those old kits... I remember building their JU88 back in the early 70s.

  5. Ferry ,don't let it sit on a shelf gathering dust ,it's not worth a fortune, set it free and build it ,it yearns to be built, not building it is like keeping a bird in a cage it's just wrong !

  6. My very first plastic model kit. My Mom bought it for me after my Dad left for Korea with the 4th Fighter Wing. It wasn't an F-86, but neither of us much knew the difference then. This would have been in 1951, he left in Dec. 1950, so It's a very old kit

  7. A great find, and I agree with Neil build it!

  8. What a gift!
    I posted today one JU-87 with 25 parts. Altough the box is from the 70's, acording to ScaleMates, the tool is from 1957 πŸ˜€ keep you quality expectations low and have fun πŸ˜‰

  9. Awesome find. Without a shot of the decals it's hard to say, but the box and instructions suggest that the markings were based on those of the 23rd FS, 36th FG, at Furstenfeldbruck in Bavaria, 1948-50.

    Pics of original F-80s on my site here:

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