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January 1, 2019 · in Photo Collections · · 14 · 1.9K

Only 2 completions for the year, Monogram TBD Devastator and my recently completed Academy F-4B. Of course most of the year was dominated by the damnable RFM Panther G. I guess I will try again on that thing late this year...

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  1. There's quantity and then there's quality. It's very hard to get both.

    Looks to me like you have had a great year with your projects. Sometimes I get bogged down with a kit and end up walking away from it. Sadly when this happens it often ends up sitting and before I know it several years pass by ...

    Other times it makes me dig in and I become even more determined to complete the mission.

    I would like to see some updates on the Panther tank.

    I really like the TBD. It's inspiring and the colors are striking. Besides that it's a Monogram !

    Happy New Year buddy.

  2. Happy New Year, Rob. If you're happy with your two completions, that's all that matters. My opinion...NICE JOB!

    BTW: Congrats to your Ducks win today. My Nittany Lions go tomorrow.

  3. that's amazing and that color, i could just eat it up...a beauty

  4. Geesh if your drinking "Total Domination" not to be confuse with Dam'd better show that Panther whose in charge.
    Other wise they sit on the shelf of Doom. Don't listen to Doom metal for awhile and then come at it a little at a time. Chipping at one piece at a time with your nose to grind stone.
    I've got five doom-ers on the bench ...

    Like the TBD Devastator it sort echos the discovery of the TBD's found on the deck of the Lexington by Paul G. Allen and his crew.

  5. Happy New Year, Rob!

  6. Great builds Rob, fantastic, looking forward to seeing what you do in 2019. Happy New Year.

  7. Precioso el TBD .Seguro que a todos nos gustaría ver más fotos !

  8. Thanks guys, I will probably get the Panther done at some point after a few "fun" builds I have planned. My wife and kids bought me some kits for my birthday and Christmas. Currently I have the Moebius 2001 "Space Clipper" about 80% done (gotta love a decent kit with about 10 parts!), next is a Hawk "weirdos" kit "Digger" (Google it). Then I have two cars AMTs Silhouette and Don Prudhome's 1972 rail dragster MPC I believe, I can put it with my Monogram Snake funny car. Digger has about 10 parts and is a cartoon dragster, and the two cars I will concentrate on out of the box builds with decent paint. That should get me to spring, then...?

  9. Two good builds per year is a good thing, just think some people manage even less. Besides just looking at the realism you put at that small part of the Panther I’d say a year span for a such a complex kit with those stunn8ng results...well it’s not such a long time. I know I’d like to see it build later this year 😉

  10. Two builds a year is about my batting average. Anyway, I know how much of a support you are to others around these parts (self included) and that’s worth at least four or five completions!

    Good luck for ‘19. Go Ducks!

  11. Ducks won yesterday, it was ugly, but a win is a win!

  12. Hello Rob,
    I always have had a weak spot for Monogram. If you realize how old this model must be and then look at the quality of this build. Outstanding. Regards, Dirk

  13. I think we all have a weak spot for Monogram. It's located in the hippocampus in the Limbic system of the brain, frequently associated with bouts of emotional instability, strong sentimentality, and banging one's head against a brick wall.

  14. Been a slow year for me too, but hey, you finished a couple of really nice builds, and got a good start kicking that Panther's butt! Happy New Year!

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