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Project Complete: 1/32 FLY Hawker Hurricane IIc. in Royal Indian Air Force Markings (BURMA)

I was asked to build this Hurricane as a commissioned build for a good friend. I recently posted a build report on Imodeler last week for those who are interested. Here is the link:

My experience building this FLY kit was “so-so”. This is primarily for 2 main reasons. 1: This is a typical short-run kit in many ways. 2: I am spoiled by the far superior engineering of main stream modern kits from Tamiya, Trumpeter, etc.

* Not many 1/32 Hurricanes Available (This is only Mk. IIc. I believe)
* Really nice wing surface details especially the raised rivets
* Fit not bad for a limited-run kit, especially fuselage halves and wing to fuselage fit
* Nice Resin Wheels and Exhaust
* Nice PE instrument panels with clear acetate dials
* Really nice resin wheel wells (takes a lot of grinding to fit)
* Overall nice representation of this particular aircraft
* Separate tail control surfaces
* 2 sets of prop blades styles
* Colored Instruction Manual
* Outstanding performing decals
* Nice placard decal sheet with separate placement drawings
* Nice colored aircraft markings drawings
* Canopy & Windscreen fit great
* Detailed wing landing lights
* Nice oil cooler assembly with lots of photo-etch detail.
* PE bracing strip covering bottom wing join as in actual aircraft

* Typical Limited-Run issues (No positive locating tabs, flash, no part numbers, etc.)
* Very fiddly cockpit assembly
* Cockpit parts have soft details, or none at all
* Many resin parts are soft in detail compared to most other resin kit parts
* Instruction sheet shows much more part detail then actually exists on parts
* Cockpit assembly is difficult to place w/o locating tabs, needing reinforcements
* Instructions are very vague for some parts
* Resin cannons are horrible (replaced with metal after-market)
* no internal parts compared to more modern 1/32 offerings for aircraft
* no engine
* Terrible fitting front filter scoops (needed shims and lots of filler)
* Weak wing joins needed reinforcement
* So-So Cockpit detail for this scale
* Recessed fuselage panel lines soft and shallow
* Cannot deploy wing flaps

I added some extra bits and pieces to the cockpit area to busy it up. I added some cockpit placards and decal dials. Added after-market cannon assemblies. I used lots of extra plastic to reinforces some assemblies. I had a very difficult time installing the wing landing lights. I think this is because I had to adjust the top/bottom wing halves so that the outer to inner wing assembly connected without a gap. This may have resulted in the light lens openings to not be exact and the lens fit poorly. I really did not remedy this well and I may need to acquire a new set of light lens and try to fit them better. I also added brake lines using lead wire.

38 additional images. Click to enlarge.

7 responses to Project Complete: 1/32 FLY Hawker Hurricane IIc. in Royal Indian Air Force Markings (BURMA)

  1. It looks great Paul, don’t think I’ve ever seen a Hurricane camouflaged quite like this one, it certainly breaks from the more common European scheme.

  2. Beautiful work, Paul…your friend should be pleased (I know I would).

  3. She’s a beaut (as usual). Glad to see you’re still building.

  4. Great to see this finished Paul – nice work.

  5. You can spot an aircraft that’s been “Teixeira’d” a mile off. And that’s a compliment.

    ‘Liked’ a lot.

  6. A great job, Paul!

  7. A beautiful model Paul, typical of your work! Love it.

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