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We had some real fun but it's time to say "Good-Bye".

January 5, 2019 · in Uncategorized · 29 · 2.5K

Well. I am officially saying good-bye to all for some time, actually 3.5 to 4 years. I enjoyed my time so much participating with this wonderful group of model makers and enthusiasts. I truly believe this is the best model site on-line with an abundance of tremendous talent. I will miss you all.

Please allow me to leave you with some personal words of wisdom.

You think life sucks and then it only gets worst. It does not matter how well you live your life, how much you believe in God, or how many people you care for, or help. Evil is everywhere and dont forget that. Evil does not care about you. It does not cry or have feelings. Evil can attack anyone anywhere at anytime. Evil is an equal opportunity entity...I kid you not!

Who knew that at almost 55 years of age and with 2-beautiful children still living at home, lots of friends, and supporters and after living a good life as a good person...Who could of known the Devil would catch up to me and do such horrendous harm!

Yes, I have prayed to God that He protect my sole, and he has done just that, but not my material body. He does not always answer our prayers but does fulfill his promise of ever-lasting-life.

Our bodies and freedoms are often fair game and merely the Chess pieces for the evil in our society. Our protecting bodies, governments and especially our judicial systems are one of the primary hiding places where this Evil hides and exists. Justice is a farce played with like one plays a game, or acts in a play, by self-righteous, hypocritical, diabolical, and narcissistic people. People dont create laws to protect, provide fair and equal justice, but they only do so to self-serve their careers and most laws do not work, nor protect, as well as, do not deter the real criminals we all should be afraid of and hide from. They often only work against the good and the innocent. The ones who are the easiest prey b/c we dont fight as hard, and get lost in the crowd of real criminals. The innocent are the easiest to scare, manipulate, and harm. The innocent are easy to manipulate b/c they have the greatest to lose. Yes, because of this our judicial system is the idea hiding place of evil. If you call yourself a Christian or Spiritual being and work for this system, or related organization, you are surrounded by the the worst of the hypocrites. The bible says "we are made in the image of God therefore if you judge others, and/or, do not forgive another human being you are hence judging our God. The God that created us all in his image and set us free of sin by the sacrifice, and death of his only Son Jesus Christ. That is a real SIN.

Good-Bye Every One. I will be OK but just not available in the traditional sense for a very long time. I love you all.

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  1. Hi Paul, won't ask for details, as what you said to me is all I need to know. But know this, as a Christian your faith will overcome whatever challenge that has befallen you and your family. God first, family second. Keep the faith my brother, just keep praying your day. In the end, though we don't understand it sometimes it's a plan that just gets in the way of good things in life. The only thing is the time we cannot replace. As that is one asset that is irreplaceable and no amount of dollars can return that lost time. You and your family will be in my prayers, all I can do is to encourage you. Your something special here in this community, amazing modeler, but more a good man, may God continue to bless you and your family, I can speak for a few of us on here that we will have your back. I personally will miss you. Just know that we will keep you up in prayer.
    God speed Paul. Just hurry back.

    Fly Navy

    • Hi Chuck did not see this response back in 2019. Great words and God did protect me and still is. I am back for good and now need to rebuild. This site is one of the 1st I have visited and I hope many of the same members are still active including you.

      Now back to building models. My god cannot believe I did some of this work. Hope getting back is like riding a bike and I can jump right on board again. Need to get my focus and motivation back. Try something easy.

  2. Sorry to hear that Paul, We'll miss you. Godspeed Paul.

  3. Chuck is right. You have a special place in this community, Paul. Despite your skills and unrelenting high standards, you are always encouraging and supportive to fellow members - myself included.

    Whatever is happening for you, you have my thoughts and very best wishes. This silly hobby of ours is thrown into sharp relief when the real world comes knocking. You are 100% correct when you say evil is out there. But that makes it all the more important to actively search for the good.

    I hope to see you back on these boards. I’d like for you to call - I’ll send my numbers if you want to message me, but no pressure, no expectations.

    Thanks, Paul.

    Semper fidelis.


    • Hi David. Im back and anxious to get back to building but could be a while to get a workshop set up. In the meantime I will be monitoring the site for motivational and interest. Glad to be back.

  4. Paul, you've been great. Praying for you in whatever you are facing. I will miss your handiwork while Someone Greater does His handiwork in you.

  5. Your in my prayers, sir.Thank you for your past positive support, You will be missed, good luck my friend, fair seas and following winds.

  6. Paul, we will be praying, and we will miss you. But we will be looking for your return.

  7. Paul, we've never communicated on this site but I have followed your posts and been impressed by your work, with your clear knowledge of the time scale you will be absent I can guess where you will be. I have no idea why and I don't ask all I know is that bad things happen to people who sometimes don't deserve it . I'm not a Christian and I don't have any religious beliefs, no one is listening...just keep your head down and bide your time until your challenge is over.
    Good luck .

  8. Paul, keep your faith in God. He will guide you through theses turbulent times.

  9. I can say I’ll be missing your regular highlights Paul, as well as all your comments and opinions.
    Not sure what causes your forced absence, but you have my prayers and thoughts. Hope all turns for the best and sometime sooner than later you pop by again

  10. Paul,
    so sorry to hear of your struggle. I feel a wonderful friendship going on hold. Keep the faith, your a good guy. Blessing.

  11. Profile Photo
    said on January 6, 2019

    Take care Paul.

  12. Take care. I hope things work out for the best

  13. Allow me to add my farewell (for now), and wish you well.

  14. You've helped plenty of folk on here, Paul. Always remember that! Can't wait to see your next build on here, whenever it is. Step lightly, stay strong!

  15. So sorry to read of your troubles & I hope that the friendship & support of everyone on this site will be of encouragement in resolving your problems. May the coming months in this new year be better for you. Best wishes & keep your chin up.

  16. Paul I am saddened by whatever tragedy has befallen you. I can only say that our trust in God is all that we have to hold on. Friends can help carry a burden, be a shoulder to lean on and their to support if need be. Whatever and whoever has wronged you or a loved one close to you shall feel the wrath of God as God walks with his children. Stand strong in prayer. I will keep you in my prayers and believe that God is on your side. Evil will never overpower the eternal light of good.

  17. I'm very sorry to hear this Paul. I'll keep my thoughts for you in my prayers. Take care and truly hope to meet you back here at iModeler.

  18. Hello Paul,
    Take care. You and your craftsmanship will be missed.
    Strength to you and all others that are dear to you.
    Highest Regards, Dirk

  19. Paul very sorry to learn of the difficulties you have encountered. I'm sure your faith and trust in God will prevail over evil. I'll miss your posts but I'm sure this is merely a goodby and that you'll be back again.

  20. I am really saddened by this news Paul, you will be in my thoughts and prayers till you return, you will be missed by all here at imodeler. Be strong, and keep praying.

  21. Keep in touch. Modeling comes and goes with the ups and downs of life. It can help carry you over those bumps in life too. Even if you can't pick up the plastic you can read about others work and be inspired for when the time comes for your return to the hobby.

  22. It may sound trite, but "you never get more than you can handle." I know from experience that at the outset of something bad, I am overwhelmed by it, but somewhere along the line we find the strength to deal with whatever it is. "Handling it" may turn out to be not what you would have expected it to be, but it comes. Best wishes.

  23. Paul - I'll keep you in my prayer list until we hear from you again. Perhaps He has need of you in your new environment for a while...! I look forward to hearing the results when you resurface once again.


  24. Sorry to hear this. I have really learned a lot from seeing your work. Prayers...

  25. As a Christian and a modeler I salute you and I wish you good luck .

  26. Sorry about that. Sounds like a gangstalking thing (Don't waste your time googling it - you'll only get spin). Found yourself on the wrong side of an honorable brother. Maybe this is why the Axis banned these folks, idk. Don’t let it get you down too much. If you lay down and die – they love it. If you keep fighting – they love that too. Take control of what you can. Your ultimate prevailing is not impossible!

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