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F-27 Maritime patrol Aircraft (MPA)

General Information;
The Spanish Air Force (Fuerza Aérea Española) acquired three F-27 MPA’s in 1979.
Registration and Construction numbers: 2-01 (10581) / 2-02 (10585) / 2-03 (10587)
Were operational at Gando Air Base, Las Palmas Gran Canaria.
I have heard, that one is taken off from the registry.
These F-27 MPA’s did (and still doing ) sterling service for the FAE.
Tasks: SAR, Transport, Communication, Fishery Inspection, Communication and Patrolling the vast area surrounding the Canaries islands.

The Kit:
Very basic Esci kit. It needs some TLC to get it right,
Vibrant color scheme
I opened up the cargo door, but this was not standard on the Spanish type.

6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

14 responses to F-27 Maritime patrol Aircraft (MPA)

  1. Beautiful job, Dirk ! I always liked the look of the F-27, it still looks like a modern design.

  2. Nicely accomplished, Dirk…..good lookin’ build.

  3. Great to see another Friendship build Dirk!
    I did not know there was a kit of this sub-type.
    Nice work.

    • Hello David,
      Esci marketed the kit in two versions. Basic transport and the MPA version.
      Fokker also developed the “Enforcer”. This F-27 was equipped with hard points under the wing for Harpoon anti-ship missiles. A number of these were produced.
      Not available as a kit.
      Regards, Dirk

  4. Another good looking F27 Dirk, well done.

  5. Excellent job Dirk, what scale is that?

  6. Very nice Dirk. I especially like the interior detail. It adds terrific contrast to the model.

  7. Looks great Dirk! Very colorful – seems like most birds in Spanish markings are really eye-catching.

  8. This is an excellent build. If you didn’t say what scale it was, I would have guessed it was much larger than 1/72 !!!!
    You have packed a lot of great details into this one……………. the paint scheme and colors used put it over the top.

    Well done my friend.

    “liked” too.

  9. This paint scheme is awesome. It’s hard to conceive the work you did on this kit to bring it up to what we see in the photos. Kudos!

  10. Hello George,
    Thanks. 99% is done with the Revell Airbrush.
    The black and white finish lines on the yellow, cabin and the anti glare panel in front of the cockpit are decals, the rest is Xtra Color, using the Revell airbrush.

    Regards, Dirk

  11. WoW! This is a fantastic job you’ve done, Dirk! A real beauty.

  12. Hello Jeff,
    Appreciated your comment.
    Regards, Dirk

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