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Hi There,
My name is Dirk, 70 years old. Living in "Zeeuws Vlaanderen" The Netherlands.
Modelling for more than thirty years. As you can notice in the picture, my dear friend "Tomboy" is always near. Mostly snoring during the day, and terrorizing the neighborhood cats during the night.
Ships 1/400-1/350 - Aircraft 1/72-1/48 - Ground and support equipment for the Air Base.
Favorite's: cold war, props and rotors.

Martin Mariner PBM-5A Royal Netherlands Navy Air Arm 1954-1960

The island of Papua New Guinea is the second largest island in the world. From 1949 until 1962 the former Netherlands New Guinea belonged to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. In 1962 the territory was handed over to the Indonesian [...]

Breguet br. 1150 Atlantic

Development and design: The Atlantic is a NATO project that found its origin in the fifties of the last century. The first official order was placed on June 6, 1963. It comprised 20 aircraft for the France Naval Air Arm. Followed by 20 [...]

Douglas Skyraider AEW Mk.1 RN

HISTORY Under the MDAP (Mutual Defence Assistance Program) the Royal Navy received , from 1951 onwards, a total of fifty Douglas Skyraiders AD-4W. The Royal Navy changed their designation into AEW. Mk1. (Air Early Warning mark one.) [...]

Voodoo CF-101F “Hawk One Canada”

At the beginning of the 1970s, the aging CAF Voodoo fleet was exchanged for sixty six lower timed USAF Voodoos. These replacement aircraft were equipped with a superior missile control system. Even with the Voodoo fleet restored to its [...]

CC-138 Twin Otter Canadian Air Force.

Short Take OFF and Landing (STOL) capability. The CAF is still operating 4 Twin Otters, that are stationed in Yellowknife (Northern Territory). Tasking: SAR, logistics and communication flights. Able to land on: Water (Floats) / Snow [...]

F-27 Maritime patrol Aircraft (MPA)

The Spanish Air Force (Fuerza Aérea Española) acquired three F-27 MPA's in 1979. Registration and Construction numbers: 2-01 (10581) / 2-02 (10585) / 2-03 (10587) Were operational at Gando Air Base, Las Palmas Gran Canaria. I have heard, [...]

C-31A “Troopship”(F-27 Fokker Friendship) US Army

In December of 1985, the U.S. Army Parachute Team, the Golden Knights, leased two F-27-400M Friendship aircraft from the Dutch aeronautical firm, Fokker. The two planes were to replace the team's aging fleet of YC-7A Caribou, which had [...]

A Carrier at Risk: Argentinean Aircraft Carrier and Anti-Submarine Operations against Royal Navy’s Attack Submarines during the Falklands/Malvinas War, 1982

This new book will appear beginning 2019. Again, interesting story and lots of drawings and pictures for the modeler. "The naval warfare of the last few decades appears dominated by operations of fast missile craft and a wide [...]


Buccaneer S.Mk 2B It is 1991,and the Buccaneer has been in operational service for nearly 30 years, but still had a vital part to play in the Gulf War. Initially it flew to support the Tornado force as a target designator, but also later [...]

CH-46 Sea Knight USN.

This model is a replica of the CH-46 Base Flight from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. This station is located five miles north of Oak Harbor, in beautiful Washington State. Base flights are used for SAR, MEDEVAC, Communication and [...]