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Introducing myself

February 17, 2019 · in Uncategorized · · 41 ≡

Hello there @ iModeler!
Today, I want to show you some pictures of my current life as a modeler.
The first picture is showing me meeting Mig Jiménez at the Nuremberg Toy Fair about 2 weeks ago; this was one of my highlights early this year.
Furthermore, there are some pictures of my modelling kingdom; this biiig room even got a sofa and one of our cats is spending time there with me from time to time. The model kit box Louis is lying in is too small or is it even him being too ... ? 😉

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  2. What is it about cats and sitting in boxes? Thanks for posting these photos, I always like seeing where fellow iModelers work at their projects.

    I’ve followed ‘Mig’ on YouTube for some time - looks as though he may be adding some, ah, Abteilung Black or midnight blue to his hair these days...

    Thanks again, Michael.

  3. Great intro, Michael. Welcome to iModeler. If you have a cat and a box they WILL get together at some point! David, I don't know WHAT it is, just that it IS! It's a CAT!

  4. Welcome! My cat Mia loved my work space.

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  5. Here one of ours getting involved in a recent build...

  6. Your modeling "kingdom" is exquisitely appointed, sir...the the kitties make it more so. 🙂

  7. Your hobby room is so awesome! Today i‘ve used your colors michael! 😉

  8. I do think that "Birds of a feather,flock together." More like "Paws of the fur, purr together." or more like "Sons of the Desert " for some of us cat lovers.

    We got two shelter cats and one stray. Found as a kitten abandon, underneath a car... who fit in the palm of my hand. We ended up with a Maine Coon... 14 pounds and still growing. He is the chief modeling inspector.

    Michael, looking forward to seeing some of your work and reading your modeling adventures.

  9. Welcome to the forum

  10. Welcome Michael! I like your setup and assistants!

  11. Welcome to Imodeler !

    Looks like you have a very nice setup there... and a helpful assistant. I really like the name of your assistant too "Louis". Not that I'm biased towards it or anything. 🙂

    I have stood next to the Saturn 5, and just as it seems huge with Von Braun standing next to it, it looks even bigger in person. Very nice introduction, and once again welcome aboard.

    • Dear Louis, what a fun with your name...sorry for having used it for a cat...
      What I like about that Von Braun picture: engineering abilities of human kind and what it can achieve: such a small brain: and such an enourmous vehicle!
      Would like to see it in reality, too!

  12. Nice man cave! Very sophisticated. I hope Louis helps out with some of the modelling!
    Can I introduce you to Stephen? He helped me build the laFerrari. ?

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  13. Thank you, Richard! Mister Crab or Mister Scorpio @ work hihii

  14. Hey, Michael. Servus und willkommen.
    Looking forward to your models ...

    • Servus Johannes, thank you for your comment! The next article will be about the model I was most satisfied with last year. Will do that soon. I really love your MIG15! Very good work and presentation!

  15. Nice modeling room, and I see your Skystreak on the shelf. That was a real beauty. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  16. Welcome aboard - and I'm salivating over your workspace! Some day...

  17. Although I'm also fairly new here, I would like to say welcome to the site. The guys and gals here are great people who give great advice.

  18. Dear Jordyn, thank you for your reply; yes I agree: I also love all the people here!

  19. very nice "office" my cat (gattowalter) would love it!

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  20. Pic#9 BAD KITTY! Actually I know the feeling. Maybe SOMEDAY Lord Fuzzball will allow me access to my Harrier pile!

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

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