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Tamiya 1/35th Jagdpanzer IV Lang L/70 Hungary 1945

February 3, 2019 · in Armor · · 12 · 2K

It was the summer of 1978 the last time I built a tracked vehicle. At the time it was the new Italeri Sherman tank. Don't recall the version, but the type with the bathtub style upper hull. While perusing Ebay one day looking for a particular model I stumbled on this kit for 5.00 that was already started, so I took a chance and won the bid for as it looked like no one else was interested in it. All of my armor builds since that time have been wheeled soft skin vehicles. Like jeeps, armored cars and transport vehicles. Once getting the kit it went to the stash. I did get an Eduards PE set for it just to add some more detail to it. Like the fenders, come of the tools and the rear side plates over the engine deck. The tank is painted with Polly S Dark Yellow, Dk Green and Gunze Red Brown. The markings are for an SS panzer unit in Hungary in early Spring 1945. Yellow 923 which is unique being that normally, black, red or white unit numbers were more common. Started this project off and on since 2012. Just tinkered with it as a change of pace from planes. But finally finished it. Still need to get the weathering down though. Still fun to build German armor.

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  1. Really well done. Excellent paintwork.

  2. Yeah...that IS a good-lookin' camo job - 🙂

  3. Nice work, looks fearsome.

  4. Ahh sweet! The old school Tamiya kits are still great. Good job on a classic!

  5. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    I always liked this tank, my guess is that it was the first armor model, but I had the MONOGRAM model. That one was lost under the impact of hurricane Hugo ( built in my younger years ). I now have two DRAGON kits to be built, nice wake up for me Chuck. Nice work going on, hope too see more.

    • Thanks De4ever, appreciate that and as well as hoping to motivate you into cracking the lid open and start building your panzer. I forgot about the Monogram kit, and come to think about it, I may still have it stashed in a box with some old stuff in there. Will check it out this weekend.

  6. Chuck, very nice change of pace for you as this turned out really nice ! I have to admit that I too have been looking at a few tanks for a change of pace, somebody told me once "that in every tank theirs an airplane trying to get out", or something like that. Anyway, very well done, I like this a lot !

    • Thanks Terry it was good to build something a bit different for a change, new challenges especially how building a tank is not quite the same as building a plane. Unless it is a vehicle with an interior, they can build rather quickly. You have to think differently when it come to weathering. And this I do need to work on. I do realize one thing, a plane alone can on it's own for the most part can stand alone on display on a shelf. But a tank, really needs some action around it, a small dio, just doesn't seem to show it's full character of itself sitting on a shelf. At least to me.

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