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Bump - Group Build idea: Teeth & Fangs

March 21, 2019 · in Uncategorized · · 10 Comments

Ok, time for a bump around this GB idea

Time lapse suggestion: June 1st - 31st December, any scales, all genres
Any one who miss the first post and finds this idea interesting enough to join please say so, there are so many subjects that can fit 🙂

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  1. I should have something with the teeth on my stash, so probably I'm in 🙂 Time schedule looks reasonable too.

  2. Great! It will be nice having one of your great builds at this group, Dmitry

  3. Already have P-40 Warhawk that would fit this GB

  4. I'm sure that I have something that would work... 🙂

    Maybe I could even build a few Luftwaffe subjects that come to mind. I really like the Recon Lightning... "The Florida Gator" is what grabbed my attention...


    • Louis, The “Gator” also caught my eyes...wonder if there is decals to build it? Anyway I have another sharkmouth motif decals for the P-38 in the stash, an old aeromaster may just be one of the projects I’ll consider building

      • Hello again Pedro, @holzhamer

        Florida is my home State...that's part of the reason it caught my attention. Plus the Lightning has a neat color overall finish. Could this be the "synthetic haze" by Sherwin Williams Paint company or just a "PRU Blue" ?

        If I run across a set of decals for it I'll definitely let you know where they are located...

        I'm always on the hunt for a set of decals for Rex Barber or Thomas Lamphier's P-38's in 1/48 scale... from "Operation Vengeance" when Yamamoto's Betty was shot down. Hasegawa released a "Special Edition" version of the OD Green P-38 "Miss Virginia" years ago but it's a hard one to find, and when you do, you will need a loan to buy it. A decal set was released but is no longer in production...

  5. Louis @lgardner, really can’t help with the correct label name of the blue seen in the “Florida Gator”, but it sure looks appropriate for a high altitude flight concealment. Personally, I would try some home brewed paint mix to get that blue shade 😉 btw been at your state a couple of times... great place, nice people, good food but too damm humid ahah

    • You should try it sometime in August... @holzhamer

      right after a summer rain storm. The streets actually have steam coming up from them afterwards and then it's really hot and humid almost unbearable...

      I have a PRU Lightning and a "Yippee" version in the pipeline soon... 🙂

  6. Hi Pedro, I have two possible contributions to this group build !

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

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