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08-open in stockholm 13-14 march.

April 19, 2019 · in Show Reports · · 15 · 3.9K

It's a bit strange, that there has been no article about the here on imodeler, considering the fact that the founder of the site and some of the editors come from the club that arranges it, IPMS-.
So, I think it's about time that somebody wrote about the event here.

The 08-OPEN is a medium size modeling event and the largest modeling event in Sweden and possibly Scandinavia.
What makes 08-OPEN unique is the way the competition is organized. Every model in the competition gets judged in four criteria, Overall Realism, Building Technique, Painting and Detailing. Dioramas are also judged in a fifth criterion, Idea and composition.

The complete result of the judging is made public, so that the participants can see how many points their models, and those of the other competitors, got in the each criteria.
The judges are all experienced and have a clear judging instruction to fall back upon. For those reasons, there is usually very little controversy about the results in the competition.

This year, some 430 model took part in the competition and, as usual, the quality was top notch.
The models you see here are models that happened to catch my eye. There were plenty of other good models to be seen as well, but I was too lazy to take pictures of all of them.

The aircraft category was dominated, at least in size by Monograms classic B36 in 1:48. (Edit: It's in 1:72. Thanks for the correction Aleksandar) It's the first time I've seen a finished one.

Seeing that the show takes place in Sweden, quite a few models of Swedish aircraft were present.

There are quite a few good armor modelers in Sweden, so the competition in those categories was fierce.

Charles King, active here on imodeler, graced the show with some of his magnificent trucks.

The ship category was disastrously small. Only three models took part, my scratch built Duca d'Aosta being one of them.

Since modeling often gets a bit too serious, we have a special price for the funniest model of the show. This year, Emma Persons dinosaur that refuses to wear feathers, got the price.

Some great figures were on display.

I think a special mention should be made of the model of a dirty old house. The weathering was exquisite.

Complete photo galleries, with all the models that took part, are being posted on the IPMS-Stockholm home page.

There are some Youtube clips as well:

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  1. My lord, those are some of the best models I’ve seen at shows. Stunning work.

  2. Thank you Ulf,

    It is always inspiring to see such high level modeling, especially when it's so well photographed.
    Excellent show, wish I was there!

    If I may correct one detail, that B-36 may look like it's 1:48, but it is indeed 1:72 scale! There is a resin kit of this monster in 1:48 by HPH, but the price is high enough do dissuade most of those foolish enough to contemplate building one...

    Again, very nice pictures!
    Cheers and happy Easter!

  3. Thanks Ulf for the article. I tried to upload a whole bunch of photos right after the event but I´ve had some internet problems so it never happened. Might manage to get around the problems though...

  4. Love t J35 with deployed drogue chute.

  5. Hope it works better now...

    Some more nice models at the 08 Open. The little yellowand blue Linktrainer was just next to the mighty B-36 bomber...some contrast!

    29 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  6. marvelous work

  7. Excellent report, thank you for sharing!

    I hope to go there next year 🙂

  8. Amazing work on all of those. The one that really stands out to me is that "fat thing" with all the little critters around it. Right out of Hieronymus Bosch.

    Really excellent and thanks Ulf and Stellan.

    • Thank you, Tom. The 08 Open is a high quality show and competition and it always strike me how high even the lowest standard is. The fight in the top section is fierce but even the ones lower down in the lists get to know their score so every one benefits from the system. I think the toughest classes are Figures, Armour and Dioramas. Besides the ordinary plaques there are plenty of special prizes to be won. Even the Air Force chief takes his time to present a prize.

  9. Hello Ulf,
    Thanks for sharing your impressions with us.
    Very impressed with the "Swedish" section.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  10. Great to see such amazing work - wow...

  11. OK, we just got some statistics for this year´s edition of 08 Open in Stockholm:

    435 competing models in 43 classes.
    97 builders from 6 countries.
    28 judges + 2 apprentices.
    407 paying visitors.

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