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Fokker Spin Type III – Scratchbuilt 1/45

April 12, 2019 · in Aviation · · 18 · 2.7K

Hello everyone

This is my first fully scratch built model and my first airplane. The Spin (spider in dutch) caught my attention while browsing the web and I fell in love. Normally I build ships, but this I just HAD to build. Needless to say that a lot of trial and error contributed to several months of building on and off, but in the end all the efforts paid off.

The "fuselage" is made o plastic strip and brass tubing.

Wings are made of two sheets of plain paper with copper wire in between.

Engine made of various plastic parts

Propeller made of 5 sheets of balsa wood, then sanded to shape and painted with oils

Turnbuckles are made of stretched q-tip and wire loops (loads and loads of them)

Spoked wheels made using a jig and fishing line.

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  1. utterly fabulous...rigging is over the top

  2. Scratch built...!? This is a work of art, sir. You have a unbridled talent there. Amazing!

  3. Rigging is pure art! I've never ventured into pre WWI and WWI planes because of rigging. This us gorgeous!

  4. Excellent work !

  5. Guys thank you very very much. All it takes is patience and time outs when you want to smash everything hehe!

  6. Fantastic work, Nikos. Your patience and skills are amazing.

  7. Really exemplary work. I've patience, but not that much!

  8. Excellent!
    that little bird looks so light and delicate, I'll bet it floated off your bench.

  9. Wow! Lovely! 🙂

  10. Absolutely stunning, just how you managed to create this madness of paper and rigging goes beyond my comprehension... you should send an application for Wingnut Wings 😉

  11. You are certifiably insane! And that's an insanely excellent model!

  12. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :

    At first, as is normal, I saw the headline picture and as a person who has always been captivated by WW1 aviation, clicked on it. Then as I read the first line … saw it was totally scratch built and not another fine kit by WING NUT WINGS, I was completely drawn to it. You have done a very fine work in every aspect of this aircraft Nikos. Just the rigging alone speaks very positive words. Yet as, one sees these pictures, it is very clear … that most of all … you had fun and enjoyed the work. THAT is what modeling is about … FUN and ENJOYMENT. Very fine work and a thank you for sharing these pictures.

  13. Thank you very much everyone, I really appreciate all the comments, I m really glad you like it!

  14. WOW, do not know what more to say.

  15. This is amazing. We struggle building thinks from well-designed kits and you come along building something like this from scratch. I'm lost for words, simply amazing!

  16. Stunning work Nikos, absolutely stunning. Gets my vote for model of the month award.

  17. Echoing everything said above. This is a work of art.

  18. Beautiful, Nikos... just beautiful... ;-).



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