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Lockheed Hudson, Mk. I

April 15, 2019 · in Aviation · · 16 · 2.9K

This is my version of the , which started life as a limited run by MPM, then was picked up by Italieri, before finding its final resting place in Revell's back catalogue. I was lucky enough to find one in my local model shop in Saint Paul, MN.

I chose to make P5120 of No. 206 Squadron, a Mk. I variant from 1940, based at Bircham Newton.

The Hudson played an important role in coastal defenses during WWII. An American aircraft, it was adopted by the RAF after a series of hasty redesigns to meet their exacting specifications. Built in the US, one of the first shipments was dragged by mules over the Canadian border and put on a boat to Britain to be outfitted there as a patrol bomber.

As reported by others, this kit is not an easy build. Its vintage engineering was a real challenge to my limited skills, requiring shimming, filling and sanding over numerous sessions. Despite this, seeing the iconic shape of the Hudson emerge over time was worth the effort.

I wanted to depict it in flight, and as this was not a supplied option, I had to chop the wheels down to fit in the too shallow wheel wells. I also added a very nice pilot and navigator from PJ Productions, and used Montex Masks for roundels, windows and gun turret. To finish it off, I replaced the kit guns with Master .303 Browning barrels - tiny brass miracles.

Not conventionally attractive, the Hudson's bulbous silhouette nevertheless makes for a striking appearance. I remember my dad's Airfix version, built in the 70's and gathering dust for a couple of decades after. This build is a homage to that memory and all the pilots who mastered this bulldog of a plane.

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  1. Nicely done. I’ve always wondered what that kit looks like built up. It’s a big improvement over the old Airfix kit.

  2. Great looking Hudson!

  3. Great Hudson, Tim! Thanks for sharing,

  4. Outstanding work, turned out spectacularly. Nice job!

  5. Really nice work. Cool looking bird that doesn’t get much credit.

  6. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    A great model of the Hudson Tim. Nice work on the camouflage scheme and the weathering.
    The cable work from the antenna to each vertical tail rudder shows how a small detail can really set a model apart. Thank you for sharing these pictures.

  7. Very nicely done.

  8. Thanks very much for the supportive comments, everyone! Much appreciated.

  9. I like it, the pose, the’s a very realistic model, even more being 1/72

  10. A real jewel of build. It reminds me of a Lockheed Ventura that was mounted on a pole off of Hwy 280 near the University of Minnesota that was used for research on lightening strikes. Some great weathering and getting all the windows to stay flush and clear is next to a miracle.

    Two thumbs up.

  11. Beautiful paint /weathering ...Top !

  12. Your "limited skills" appear to me to have risen to the challenge. Great model of what I know is a dogmeat kit.

  13. Looks great! I've got the Airfix version, to be beaten into submission in the near future... Love the weathering and extra detail work you put into this.

  14. Thanks again, everyone - I really appreciate the community support. As I was struggling through this build, I couldn't help but imagine what Airfix could do with a new tooling of this great plane.

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