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Tempest Mk. V: Airfix 1/72

This is my interpretation of Wing Commander ‘Bee’ Beamont’s Tempest Mk. V, a plane he test-piloted for Hawker before flying it into combat with incredible skill, flipping V-1s amongst other acts of unbelievable daring. I hope he [...]

Seafire FR.47: Airfix 1/48

My attempt at the 90’s Airfix Seafire, built from its original boxing. This represents VP 461, flying with 800 Naval Air Squadron, based initially in Hong Kong before its deployment to the Korean War aboard HMS Triumph. I can see why [...]

Gloster Meteor F.8the MiG Killer: Airfix 1/48

My version of the RAAF’s F. 8 Meteor, flown by George Hale of 77 Squadron, stationed in Korea. In March 1953, Hale famously shot down two MiG 15s - an opponent that outclassed the Meteor on many levels - earning Hale and his mount the [...]

Spitfire Mk. Vc: Airfix 1/72

My version of ES352 of No. 43 Squadron, based in Italy in 1943. The kit is the relatively new one from Airfix, purchased a year ago during a trip to Hendon, and built pretty much completely out-of-the-box. It fell together easily enough - [...]


Here’s my interpretation of the Boulton Paul Defiant Mk. I, N1801, “Coimbatore II”, from No.264 Squadron, Royal Air Force Duxford, flown by Flying Officer F. D. Hughes and Sergeant F. Gash (gunner). This is another excellent 1/48 [...]

Beaufort! The New Mk. I from Airfix

My version of the great new Airfix kit. Of the two available scenes, I chose L9866, which flew from St. Eval and was lost on February 1st, 1941, probably to fire from a 109E. Both schemes have compelling stories connected to them; I chose [...]


This is the 1/48 Dauntless from Academy. I chose to interpret an SBD-2 from VMSB-241, based on Midway Atoll in 1942 and, I assume, one of the planes used in the fabled attack on the Japanese fleet in June. Since it was first produced by [...]

The Phantom of Yeovilton!

This is my version of the FG. 1 Phantom, deployed with No. 767 Naval Squadron and stationed in Yeovilton, built completely unadorned from Airfix’s lovely 1/72 kit. Not usually a jet-builder, I had to make one of these. Apart from the [...]

A Suitcase that Flies! Handley Page Hampden in 1/72

This is my version of Valom’s 1/72 Handley Page Hampden, depicting AT 246 of 489 Squadron. An early version of the twin-engine fighter bomber, it was deployed in key missions before being quickly superseded by craft that were less [...]


This is my version of the great Revell Lockheed PV-1 Ventura, the plane that replaced the Hudson. Apparently much reviled by the RAF (unmmaneuverable and under-armed) , it was put to wide use by the USAAF (amongst others). This is BuNo [...]