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Playing With Light & Shadows

April 6, 2019 · in Aviation · · 10 · 1.6K

Just a bunch of random shots of my Mk XIVc, trying to figure out how best to locate a light source for best photos of the subject. Just an LED lamp light and different camera angles.

What methods do you use for achieving stunning model photos?

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  1. IMHO... I tried different indoor lighting but I've found outside, natural light seems to be the best for me. Minus the direct sunlight which produces shadows. Good luck.

  2. Two pic's of my JP T4, the first indoors with a halogen lamp, my usual method and the second outdoors on a cloudy day !

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  3. Silver may not be the best example, here's the same thing with my Hawk !

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  4. All very true, in addition with some creative angles, could create very convincing shots indeed.

  5. i like #2 the rust background

  6. I always shoot outdoors with grade A natural fresh squeezed sunshine. Sunny or cloudy depending on what I want from the photos and I usually shoot from a perspective to make my subject look real. My GeeBee Z is I think my best set of photos. Waited for four or five days for a good sunset!

  7. Large 2'x3' sheet of light blue poster board for a back ground, 2 lights on either side and if your camera has a soft flash option, use it as fill to soften the shadows. I just purchased a portable light box and it really makes a difference. One draw back with the one I have is its only big enough for singe engine 1:48 aircraft which is all I model

    • Why light blue, to simulate sky? Or some other reason?

      • I think it has to do with color balance. Shown below is a shot showing the difference between the blue and black(I also have light grey) backgrounds. The model on the blue is more the actual color, on the black it seems more faded. I'll use the black when I take shots of sprues or when the model is un-painted. The photos were taken in my light-box without setting up the camera, just point and shoot. Also shown is my box in a temporary setting. The little tripod comes with it. Its all held together with velcro and the top swings up for extra lighting. I also use the extra lamp for fill sometimes

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