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Crazy Racing 2018

September 4, 2018 · in Show Reports · · 16 · 2.4K

This idea has a long story. I came 4 years ago.
Planes are like the racing cars. The idea comes form the Reno Air Race. I found this site about two years ago, when I searched for some reference photos to my favourite plane, the QuickSilver.
When this year started, I opened a facebook group with airplane builders, and we called it Crazy racing – 2018

I tried to pick up the art side of the modelling, what is deep inside in every modeller. My conviction is, the modelling need a huge creativity, even if you make a modell with standard schemes, and old recipes. I would like to bring out the artist from every modeller, who is crazy enough for this idea. Because, sometimes you HAVE TO think some non-ordinary way. It is easy for me, but I never imagined how many fellows would start this project.

The main idea was; You have to build a 1:48 scale World War II plane, and turn into a racing plane. There was no any limit.

And the most important thing. We have to show our works to the other fellow modellers.

I came up with a new idea at the beginning of 2018. There will be two modelling event in this year, and if you want to win the CR Cup, you have to go to both event. Every event has a different jury. Who wins the Cup? it is simple. Who collected more points, it is like the F1.

Luckily I found two partners. The 2. PSMK modelling event, and the good-old Bolyai event. Both in Hungary.

I have to say a big thanks to both organizers!

My fellows don’t show anything from the built. Somtimes one or two photos, about some details.
At least, 7 planes arrived at our unique table.

I have already been a jury on some modell events – including the MosonShow sci-fi category – but that was my hardest job in my life. Fortunately, I have two great friends, who are my mentors too – The Rock, and Brother Macal.

At the first time I didn’t want a hard and rigid jury job, because the most important thing in this madness is the fun and creativity. But these planes are gorgeus!
At least we watched the simmetric of the paintings in millimeter size.

Every plane build has a weak point – like the cockpit, the edge of the wing, the landing gear, etc. But every plane was made very vell. I did not find any big mistakes.

Finaly the little differences made the end results. Like the painted decor sharpness, the line of the lines, etc. Absolutly like the F1. Hundredth of a second.

I wish i could have shared a gold medal for everyone.

And fortunately we had some sponsors too, liket the Vallejo company, Ammo Hungary, and our best webshop in the region, the Dreamkit.

It was an unforgettable joy to see so many crazy fellows like me. 😀

The end results;

  1. Place (sponsored by Dreamkit )
    Miklos „Milos” Menyhart

  1. place (Sponsored by AMMO Hungary)
    David Barczi

  1. place (sponsored by AMMO Hungary)
    Zoltan Barczi (yes, they are father and son. Zoltan is the father)

  1. palce
    Gergely „TheDoc” Varsanyi

  1. place
    Szabolcs Szupper

  1. helyezett
    Jozsef „Joe” Szabo

And we are looking forward to the next event, because there are three more planes not being finished for this event.

Best Regards,

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  1. Blimy! Just look at that P-38, a real Lightning!
    Very cool models, I especially like the P-38 and the Spit

  2. Awesome colour schemes and markings. Love the idea, it opens up to all sorts of body artworks.
    Like the way you used the mirror as a base. Great idea.
    Thanks for showing and sharing.

    Unfortunately I could not open the links, I must be doing something wrong. But loved the photo collection, and your story about Crazy racing - 2018.

  3. Awesome idea and some awesome looking models. Love that paint job on the P-38.

  4. Love 'em...! Very creative/imaginative work there. Good Stuff ! 🙂

  5. Great ideas, executed to perfection ! Well done !

  6. Thanks a lot folks!

  7. Really cool idea and projects!

  8. A great idea, and absolutely awesome painting schemes! Congratulations to all artists!



  9. Dobo, some really great looking and creative schemes. All look very well done !

  10. Love this! This is a concept for a group build that has been discussed before here at imodeler...

  11. I was going to say for me the Lightning in first place all day long. That said, the more I looked at the winner the more I saw why it won. Difficult judging, Dobo.

  12. Thank you for your all kind words.

  13. Great models! I love all of them; excellent works!

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