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Death star trench line and other galactic funk

these are some models, an x ​​wing, a wing and lord Fener's tie fighter in scale But the highlight is the trench line death star with luke, protected by the Millennium falcon, launches the torpedo that will destroy the station. I made resin tile copies of the base in every box for the trench line.

26 additional images. Click to enlarge.

14 responses

  1. Nice!

    Who's "Lord Fener"?

  2. Great idea to use copies of the bases to make the trench

  3. Not my 'forte', but well done builds, one and all.

  4. I just have ordered rebels fighter from bandai, but I am also interested about Falco.
    How do you like bandai? Please
    Best regards

    • I have all the 1/72 Bandai kits minus the Falcon (only because I already have Fine Molds', but am thinking of swapping out!) and they are all very nice. Do NOT let the snap together nature of these kits dissuade you from buying one! I am hoping a 1/72 Imperial Shuttle gets added to the lineup. IMHO the most beautiful ship in the original trilogy! (And Ban Dai could probably figure out how to make the landing gear retract and wing guns pivot when the wings fold down just as the studio model did! (The 1/48 X-wing with lights and motorized S-foils is a treat as well!)

  5. The force is with this one.. Great builds!

  6. Great work here, Carlo. Even in 1/72 that’s got to be a big piece. Good job on the base and the lighting.


  7. Beautifully done, Carlo!

  8. Very cool build. Really took some time. I always thought the exhaust port was on a vertical surface. Guess that helps explain why the missiles curve when they go into the port.

    Top notch stuff.

  9. Brings back memories - one of my first dates with my (now) wife of 39 years (as of this weekend) was to see Star Wars when it first made the big screen.

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