Force Majeure

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This vignette represents my thoughts on the unlikely, yet remarkable crossing of the two worlds of science-fiction and .

I believe that the significance of the scene lies in the observers comprehension and ideas it will trigger. At a risk of catering only for those who know and appreciate the two opposing symbols, I will refrain from explaining the meaning behind it and let you draw your own conclusion.

As for the more technical aspect of building the scene, it all started as I stumbled across ICM's “King of the Night” kit. For someone who never painted a large-scale figure before, my decision to buy the kit surprised me quite a bit. Not being an impulsive person at most of occasions, I can explain this anomaly only as sudden inspiration! Unlike my many other kits, still waiting for the moment of glory in their cardboard boxes (whose numbers I shall not discuss here) the “King of the Night” made a swift progression to my workbench.

Assembly was straightforward and smooth. Painting this idiosyncratic character was the real challenge, his unique complexion and mostly monochromatic appearance being hard to render. Let's not beat around the bush, the “King of the Night” is really the Night King of the Game of Thrones fame, with the wordplay serving to avoid potential trademark lawsuit and therefore keeping the kit quite affordable.

Piercing gaze of the necromancer and his conjuring pose inspired me to look for another iconic force to oppose him. A transparent acrylic plate with proportions of 1:3:9 some handpicked stones from my garden and selection of hobby products to simulate primordial snow and ice completed my idea. Gradation from solid black to translucent blue on the surface of the monolith is achieved spraying Tamiya X-19, which has extremely fine pigment and then adding bluish hue with an aqueous Ecoline ink. Being an ink, it sprays super-smooth but needs sealing, or it will reactivate even by moisture in the air! “Snow”, “Microballoons” and “Ice Sparkles” by AK Interactive are used to reproduce snow deposit and the transparent “Rock-Candy” medium produced cracked ice effect.

I am very happy with the result and enjoyed the building process a lot, particularly experimenting with all the new materials and techniques. This was a part of the “iModeler at the Movies” group build – you can check this link for more hands-on images here:

Hope you like it!


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  1. Being a great fan of both GoT and ‘2001’ I’m glad that I am the first to comment on this project.

    The modeling is first rate all over. How do you make a black slab interesting? Like this, apparently. How do you introduce tonal variation to a largely monochromatic figure? Like this. How do you join two disparate universes and make the viewer ponder all the time, space and possibilities between. Yep, like this.

    The Night King; inscrutable and unknowable. The obelisk; a conduit of power and knowledge.

    I love this build. It really is one of those rare projects that you could look at in a quiet moment and ponder over a different thing every time you see it. A true portal.

    The snow is excellent. The micro-balloons and sparkles...perfect.

    A memorable build, Aleksander. If you ever feel like selling it...

    ‘Liked’ ‘liked’ ‘Liked’ ‘liked’ ‘Liked’. ‘Liked’.

    • David,
      It is only right that you should be the first to comment, “iModeler at the Movies” being your creation after all. So much interesting stuff being built over there, including your brilliant Orca, no wonder I had to finish this one. BTW this is also my first ever "group build" - I usually shy away from such shenanigans.
      So cheers to you my friend! Really glad you like it! 🙂

  2. A true piece of art, whether fictitious or not, it's a joy to watch your skills frozen in time! Kudos!

  3. A true Masterpiece Aleksander! Absolutely wonderful work from the beginning to the final, superb presentation.

    Well Done!

  4. Humbled and very happy you enjoyed it!
    Thanks much James,

  5. Can I ‘like’ this again?

  6. I was frozen by the beauty of your work. Beautiful and intriguing the combination of GoT and 2001. About the realization I have no words, perfect. ?

  7. Very creative, and execution is WOW!

  8. Wonderful, Aleksander... very unique. I've just seen this article for the first time today. All of the work you put is first class, but the rendition of the obelisk is something else. Very well done... ;-).



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