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I am one of those people that believe some things in life need to be done slow and others require speed. Take for example smoked ribs and steaks. If you don’t understand this metaphor, well you must be a vegetarian. Anyhow, meals and building models need to be enjoyed slowly. Cars and snowboards excel at speed. You get the picture…
Good music can be enjoyed at any pace and I do it often and without discrimination. Photography is another thing I enjoy a lot. And film. I mentioned BBQ already… Yes, I have more hobbies than I do time. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.
What? Scale modeling? Well that’s why we’re here… keep on building!

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Force Majeure

This vignette represents my thoughts on the unlikely, yet remarkable crossing of the two worlds of science-fiction and fantasy. I believe that the significance of the scene lies in the observers comprehension and ideas it will trigger. At a ri[...]

Best in Show Award, January 2019 – Su-34, Hellduck from Kitty Hawk

What a momentous day - the illusive Hellduck is snarling on my bench! Notoriously difficult to spot in our temperate lands, this particular breed is the stuff of legends. So far I just heard tales from far away about this great beast, all my p[...]

EME 2019 in Lingen

Euro Model Expo (EME) is the biggest plastic modeling gig in Germany that traditionally occupies last weekend in March. This year, in its 11th manifestation, it occurred on 30th -31st of March in town of Lingen. Your humble narrator made the pil[...]

Tu-22m3: The Diorama

Hello fellow iModelers, I am usurping the front page just one more time with this topic, to show you the finished diorama featuring the big Tu-22m3, now in her natural habitat. I am very proud and thankful that she was selected for the Best[...]

Tu-22m3 – Beauty & the Beast

This is a small step for mankind, but a glorious one for my workbench - I finished a model! Yes, the “GoT” concludes before “GoTh” and I cannot be happier about the epilogue. Eat my dust George R. R.! To keep up with the acronyms and experience[...]

Happy Halloween – Día de Muertos!

These are my best 2 models yet and I painted them myself, so there...

just some ladders…

OK, the title is a bit ironic. They are Tu-22m3 boarding platforms in 1:72 scale. This little kit from North Star Models, with its fragile components, no rigidity and no surface area for but-joining the spiderweb of photo-etch, is one of the mo[...]

Model of the Month Dec.’17 – Fish on a String and Sword in a Bag

Greetings everyone, all day long I am feeling happy, don't know why... Ah yes, it's this Tamiya's "String-bag" that arrived with the mail! :) It is true - the value of a kit for us modelers is much greater than the sum of its contents, encompa[...]


In different circumstances and times when emissions and regulations were not the words anyone important would use together, traction and torque were the king, and red won over green by default, big vehicles roamed vast plains east of the Urals. [...]

Kremenchuk’s Heavy Metal

Greetings all! Believe it or not, this is the first ground vehicle model I finished in my adult life. It used to be that I would only consider flying objects as my potential hobby victims, but as we can all see times are changing... This model[...]
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