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On This Day…May 19th.

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A sumptuous photograph of a Spitfire Mk VB of the 92nd RAF Squadron flying over Kent in May 19th 1941.

Their emblem with the motto, ‘Fight or Die’.

The Bismarck at sea, seen from the Prinz Eugen On the 19th of May, 1941.

F4U-4 Corsair, AD-2/4Q Skyraider, and F9F-2 Panther aircraft aboard the USS Boxer (CV-21) off the coast of Korea, 19 May 1951. Note also, HO3S-1 helicopter in flight.

The AD-4Q was a two-seat ‘electronic countermeasures’ version of the AD-4 Skyraider. Only 39 variants were built.

‘Skyraider in Action’ by our own Jim Sullivan @bentwing

Lovely image of a captured Dornier 335 Pfeil (Arrow)

Gives us another excuse to see George’s wonderful work...


TDN-1 attack drone on its first (piloted, in this case) test flight from Traverse City, Michigan, United States, 19th of May, 1943.

A quite remarkable set of photographs taken during a raid on Oderbergerstrasse, Berlin, on May 19th, 1943. The ‘Miss Donna Mae II’ was part of a mission mainly comprised of 94th Bomber Group. The Donna Mae served in 331 Squadron.

Marion Reid, Pilot.

Co-pilot: Lew Carter,

Navigator: Roger Tessier.

Bombardier: Stan Duffield.

Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Lee Kieffer.

Radio Operator: John Boone.

Ball turret gunner: Ludwig Huth.

Waist gunner: Jim Kalahar.

Waist gunner: Dick Brennan.

Tail gunner: Willard Christensen.

Observer: -T/Sgt John Davis.

She was hit by bombs from 42-97791 (‘Trudy’ - 94BG) flying above, the impact knocking off her port stabiliser. The wing broke off as Donna Mae spun to earth and crashed in Berlin. All crew died.

The German cruiser Admiral Hipper in dry dock at Kiel, Germany after being captured by the Allies, 19 May 1945. Note German ‘dazzle’ camouflage and the damage caused by RAF bombers and the subsequent scuttling.

Dramatic and remarkably timed photo of Lieutenant Oliver Droege's F4U-4 Corsair crashing into the water after suffering an engine failure on takeoff, off Korean coast, 19th of May, 1951.

Stern view of the USS Marlin (SS-205) off Portsmouth, United States, 19th of May, 1943.

RAF Duxford, England, was the first airfield to receive the new Supermarine Spitfire. In this photograph, Spitfires of No. 19 Squadron, RAF, are lined up outside their hangar in mid May, 1939.

Two years later (above), Spitfire Mk Vs of No. 91 Squadron lined up at Hawkinge, England, May 19th, 1942. Standing nearest to the camera is the Commanding Officer, Squadron Leader R W Oxspring, in front of his personal aircraft, a Mark VC, AB216: DL-Z (below).

Next to him, in front of another Mark VC, is the 'B' Flight commander, Flight-Lieutenant F H Silk. The remaining aircraft are Mark VBs.

Stuka squadron in Arras, France. Mid May, 1940.

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  1. ...a great spitfire day...marvelous stuka pose

  2. Correction made, Bob. Too much modeling on boats...


  3. The photo of the 19 Squadron Spitfires has to be 1938, as the squadron codes had changed by 1939. Great stuff as usual, otherwise.

  4. B-17’s, Corsairs, Stukas, Dornier, Spitfires and Skyraiders. You have definitely stacked the deck today. I have seen one picture of the B-17 before but not the series. Wow ... very sombering to think of what happened to the crew.

    Thanks for taking the time to share this with us and I hope that you have had a great weekend.


  5. Got to love those US Navy ship photos [Marlin].

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