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“World in miniature” festival 2019

May 12, 2019 · in Show Reports · · 4 ≡

Festival “Svet v malem” (World in miniature), has seen its 13th edition this Saturday in the city of Kranj, . Contest and exhibition are certainly small compared to some bigger countries, but from year to year, attracts more and more new modellers and especially the quality of builds is rising. Modellers from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Italy, Hungary, Austria and even as far as Russia, participated this year bringing lots of interesting models. Really comforting to the future of our hobby is also each years big participating crowd in junior categories, no doubt, the result of previous SVM club president, the founding father of SVM festival and modelling mentor for the kids, mister Bine Logar.

Big thanks for the whole SVM team for organizing another wonderful and memorable scale modellers gathering.

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  1. Some truly outstanding workmanship displayed there...exemplary builds, one and all.

  2. If you can't have quantity, go for quality, which you guys definitely did. Nice stuff.

    A piece of information (discovered the hard way) for anyone contemplating doing an OV-1 Mohawk. It's counterintuitive, but the canopy of the OV-1 doesn't hinge at the top for the side-opening windows/entry. The hinges are at the upper corners, and the upper edge goes INSIDE the canopy. Everybody else whose model I have seen has made the same mistake - I learned when it was pointed out to me by a former Mohawk driver. HTH

  3. Some great work there! I like the train car bridge.

  4. thanks for sharing - some great builds there.

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