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“World in miniature” festival 2019

Festival “Svet v malem” (World in miniature), has seen its 13th edition this Saturday in the city of Kranj, Slovenia. Contest and exhibition are certainly small compared to some bigger countries, but from year to year, SVM attracts [...]

25th Slovenian Nationals – Other categories

25th Slovenian Nationals - Aircraft

Today I've visited Slovenian Nationals competition - a rather small event internationally but this year packed to the halls capacity with excellent models. Here's a selection of some aircraft models on display - I'll be adding other [...]

24th Slovenian Nationals

Every year in mid November, slovenian modellers gather for the annual Nationals, this time for the 24th time in a row. The event is one day event, situated a walking distance away from the old centre of Ljubljana. Slovenian modelling scene [...]

Tradicional SLOVENIJA competition SMV 2017, KRANJ, SLOVENIJA

For years, fans of plastic kit builders attend to an already traditional spring contest in city Kranj in Slovenia. It is organized by a strong association club SMV (Small in World) with headquarters in Kranj in the appropriate area of the [...] traditional competition SMV 2016, Kranj,Slovenija ,28.5.2016

This year was the tenth anniversary competition and exhibition of plastic kit builder and railway and die cast cars. Here are some pictures of the winning and random glimpses of event. This already traditional event hosted by club SMV the [...]