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avid modeller with around 30 years of modelling experience.
I run VVS Modelling weblog and Facebook page and Soviet / Russian Scale Modelling Facebook group.

I mostly build in 1:72 and 1:144.

Main interests are post war soviet/russian aviation, naval aviation, IRIAF, weird looking aircraft, modern naval forces...

Other hobbies include photography, traveling, mountain biking, music journalism (rockline.si) and a bunch of other stuff

27th Slovenian Nationals – Other categories

27th Slovenian NationalsAircraft categories

After a 2-year hiatus, the show returned this year to Ljubljana, Slovenia with standard participation of modellers from Slovenia as well as those of nearby countries like Croatia, Italy, Austria, Serbia,... This will be a 2-part article [...]

Ilyushin Il-2M3 Shturmovik (Tamiya 1:72)

A few months ago @johnb John and @fiveten Spiros came up with a mini group build, building Il-2 Shturmoviks. What started as a duo build, soon evolved into several modellers building theirs and I was lucky enough to participate in this [...]

SBD-3 Dauntless (Flyhawk 1:72)

SBD was a scout and dive bomber aircraft produced by Douglas from mid-1940 to mid-1944. Scout Bomber Douglas was also known by the nickname Slow But Deadly and is famous by its actions against Japanese fleet at the Battle of Midway. The [...]

Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat

Grumman’s Wildcat was the first of the Grumman cats (Wildcat, Hellcat, Tigercat, Bearcat, Tomcat) to enter service with the US Navy back in 1940. It was the backbone of the USN fighter fleet during the early years of World War 2 and [...]

Sairena the divine archer

A couple of years ago, I have challenged myself to start building or better said painting figures. Working with paintbrushes, acrylics, wet pallets and whatnot, makes me a better modeller overall I think. And it is such a different beast [...]

HMS Sheffield D80

HMS Sheffield was a Type 42 guided missile destroyer, the first of fourteen Type 42 destroyers to enter the Royal Navy service plus two that, ironically entered Argentinian Navy. The ship was commissoned in February 1975 and spent its [...]

Tupolev Tu-134UBL 'Crusty-B'

The Tupolev Tu-134 is a narrowbody regional airliner, that was designed in the early ’60s and was in production from 1966 until 1989. Following the new design that was pioneered by French Sud-Aviation Caravelle airliner, the rear mounted [...]

MiG-21MF 'Fishbed-J'; Yugoslav Air Force

Well known Eduard 1:48 kit OOB with Balkan Model decals. Commision build for an ex-21 driver and the number was his wish (101 was in fact a bis number in YuAF). Unfortunately this is my first aircraft model this year. I only managed to [...]

Su-35S 'Flanker-E'

Su-35S ‘Flanker-E’ is the latest and very likely last version of the formidable Flanker series. It is not to be confused with the Su-35 of the late ’80s, which was the first to be designated Su-35 (aka Su-27M and T-10M). The first [...]