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AMG GT3 – Moded

July 25, 2019 · in Automotive · · 21 · 2.2K

This is definitely out of my comfort zone. But, what the heck! Here it is. This is my version of the race car. As always, I like to give all my builds a twist in terms of design and/or configuration. The amg gt3 is no exception. My theme for this build is, that, the amg gt3 was originally a competition car, which was bought by private owner. He decides to tweak the car to extreme to see how much power he can get out of the engine. Hence all the added gagets almost protruding through the car headlights(which of course, were removed to make room for the added accessories). The rear lights were also removed and replaced with netting. The windshield was removed to reduced the weight of the car. New gagets were also added all round and in the internal compartments, of the car. The roof was removed as well as the rear glass. In its place extra support for the protective cage at the rear was added. And as you might have notice, I sawed off the doors as well. The look of the AMG GT3 is bad*ss car. Now, it looks brutal.

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  1. In a word: Outstanding..!

  2. i love it...looks datsun/nissan from the front...i like the warlord scenes but this raises the hair on my neck...your mastery of the "attitude" is sublime from the car to the red necks to the driver...imagine taking that gt3 for a spin...maybe pull the hood off and give it an hours carbon clean out through the country on a sunny day...dunlops bad as

  3. This is awesome, Charles. The AMG indeed looks even more brutal than it always is... Great show, thanks for posting!

  4. Thank you kindly Michel.

  5. I have to say, even without the copious amounts of rust, grease and litter that typically surround your creations, this one is just as "real" as any other! And your set up takes us into the maniacal creative attitude you draw on for inspiration! Must be fun to have a brain like yours!

  6. that IS the normal way to do models, if you want vanilla car - buy Burago.
    Were you influenced by Khyzeel Saleem or Yasid Design or similar artist?
    If not, check their work, lots of ideas.

  7. Yes ,where's the rust? Very nice indeed, looks great!

  8. Wow! I think your comfort zone just got larger.

  9. You are a master. Everything you build looks real—and now cars? Love to see what you could do with a muscle car.

  10. Wow! I really like it! I don't build cars but this one is awesome 🙂 and something really different (and badass). I really like the figures too, they add a lots of life into the scene. Grat!

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