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Tiger I - late winter ‘44-‘45 - 1/72 - Dragon

July 21, 2019 · in Diorama · · 11 ≡

Hello guys, this is my last day of my holidays in Monte-Carlo were my wife lives. I had brought some equipment with me. This week I built the with a winther camo. Yesterday I tried to make a small base with what I had available at home, cardboard, wood glue, flour, dried thyme and oil and acrylic paints. The result amazed me. What do you think?

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  1. Monte Carlo (one of the world's most famous destinations), on vacation...and you are there building a diorama! That's a definite sign that you are a true modeler!

    Nice work on the winter scene; it looks very convincing.

    • Dear Marvin, my wife has worked and lived in Monte-Carlo for 7 years. I works and lives in Pavia, near Milan. In this 7 years I was lonely at home with my cats. This job is the cause of this life, so you won't believe it, but I hate monte carlo

    • I was about to be flabbergasted too, but Carlo's got a good reason there.

  2. Excellent work (especially in that scale) - looks really good. Well done, my friend.

  3. I took it for granted that it was 1/35 scale with the photos. Not until I saw the box did I come to my senses. The end results are very convincing. Dragon makes some really nice kits in this scale and I've built a couple of Sherman's and the detail on them is on par with your Tiger. Two thumbs up Carlo.

  4. Still trying to wrap my head around "holidays in Monte Carlo" and doing a diorama. I agree with Marvin above. You're really innovative! And the result is fantastic.

  5. Very sharp work Carlo. But honestly, I've been to Monaco and I would not be doing much plastic modeling there! I would be up in Eze enjoying all the wonderful views, both natural and human.

  6. A great looking model, and amazing results on the base with "what's on hand." That looks like my street after the sand trucks have been around trying to keep crazy Tulsan's from ruining their holidays!

  7. Very good results with on-hand building materials, especially on a 1/72 kit. Great job!

  8. Pretty amazing work in 1:72. Sometimes using your wits to build realistic dips works better than the expensive store-purchased products. Wonderful result.

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