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Rommel DAK Tunisie

August 7, 2019 · in Diorama · · 18 · 1.9K

Hi friends, after three months of work I present you my humble job. I hope you like it, a hug to everyone.
The interiors of the Tunisian houses are completely self-made

Rommel - Scale 75
Middle East MiniArt 36056
German Kubelwagen Type 82 Africa Corps Tamiya 35238
Tamiya 35283 German 88 Mm Gun Flak 36 North African Campaign
all in 1:35 scale

The Tunisian campaign was fought during the Second World War between the Anglo-American and Italian-German allied forces and marked the final phase of the long North African campaign that began in the summer of 1940 and continued with ups and downs until May 13 1943. On that date the Allied forces, now clearly superior numerically and materially, definitively defeated the remaining Axis forces, entered Tunis and Bizerte and forced to surrender the huge enemy troops left out in the last reduced Tunisian.
Surrounded by the superior allied forces, constituted by the modern American divisions, by the British ones and by the departments of the French colonial army that had returned to the field alongside the Anglo-Saxons, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel and, after his call on the continent, General Hans- Jürgen von Arnim strenuously engaged in a series of defensive and counteroffensive operations, often crowned by remarkable tactical successes favored by the superiority of tactics and training of the German and Italian forces, led by General Giovanni Messe, who led the war to a situation stalling in winter, forcing enemy forces to continue the campaign until spring 1943 and thus causing the postponement of the opening of the Second Front in Europe.
However the lack of men, of means and above all of supplies would have marked the fate of the Axis forces in Tunisia. After breaking down the Italian-German positions on the Mareth line, the Allies put an end to the resistance of the enemy forces in Africa in May 1943, after a final offensive on Tunis and captured over 200,000 prisoners.
This victory opened the doors to the Anglo-Americans for the landing in Sicily (July 1943), which led to the fall of fascism (25 July 1943) and to the armistice of 8 September. (Wikipedia)

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  1. You consider this work of art a "humble job"...? I think it's an outstanding piece of work. It's easy to see a lot of thought went into this. A very nicely done diorama, sir!

  2. This diorama is a work of art! Well done, Roberto! It looks VERY nice. Great job on the interior of the Tunisian houses, too.

  3. Great work and masterly executed.

  4. Really nice looking diorama. I especially like the black and white photo which looks like something taken during the war. Great job!

  5. Outstanding work! But, shouldn't Rommel look like James Mason? just kidding, looks great.

  6. Great job. I'm working on a dio from the same era for the moment. In this scale must be big! I like it! Well done!

  7. Missed this earlier. Wow! Great work. The BW and sepia photos really look great.

  8. Hello Roberto,
    It was a joy to study your finished diorama.
    Actually,three months construction time is super fast.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

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