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Tarangus 1/72 scale SAAB JA37 Viggen

August 3, 2019 · in Aviation · · 34 · 5.1K

Here is my SAAB JA37 Viggen; my most recent build that have involved some aftermarket, lot's of scratch-built details and also some 3D printed parts. The build took 4 months and is by far the most complex build I have done sofar in my modelling career... ๐Ÿ™‚

The model is painted with MRP paints, where I did my own mix to get a faded look that I was happy with and I used the splinter cammo masking set for the old Heller kit, which didn't fit the kit perfectly.

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  1. Superb masking and painting !

  2. Looking awfully good! You got the greens that faded look we like to see.

    Loaded for bear in the woods of Jรคmtland.

  3. Hello Tommy,
    Master Modeler. Excellent photography.
    A joy to study the "big"pictures.
    Regards, Dirk

  4. wonderful model

  5. Iโ€™m trully impressed by your Viggen model, 1/72 and very sharp paint job and small details. Exactly what parts did you scratched (3D or not)?

    • Thank you Pedro ๐Ÿ™‚

      There are lots of scratch-built details that I have added; IP coaming, HUD, small supports in the air intakes, gun barrel, landing gear struts, exhausts, rear RWR.

      The missile rails and the ejection seat safety handle have been 3D printed using an Anycubic Photon.

      I also used some photoetch parts and turned metal pitot tubes and AoA-probe.

  6. I can't add anything that hasn't already been said about your talent(s)...stunning build.

  7. Excellent work overall!

  8. THAT - is one GREAT plane you've made there - WELL DONE! (and I really like the pictures too!)

  9. Simply Bravo! Difficult in 48th and you nailed it in 72nd. I have the 48th Special Hobby Viggen which is actually the Tarangus kit reboxed. And also the old ESCI kit with all the goodies. I know it will take me more than the 4 months. It would be a long term project may do both of them at the same time and one of them will be the Splinter camo. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Chuck!

      That old ESCI kit might need more than 4 months to complete ๐Ÿ˜€ I have seen a couple of those on Swedish forums and pimped with all the after market the looks as good as the Tarangus/Special Hobby kits (which actually also needs some aftermarket if you want to build them as accurate as possible).
      Good luck with your builds! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Anybody who can get that splinter camo as good as you did deserves High Praise Indeed.

  11. A wonderful rendition for non less wonderful jet. Bravo!
    I had the chance to see a demo of the Viggen during 90s in Dijon-Longvicโ€™s French Air Base. One of the best demos I have ever seen. Thank you for remember me this great experience ?

    • Thanks!
      This aircraft is the most powerful jet Sweden has built and I have seen it at a couple of airshows over the years. It's fantastic to watch it take off, fly and the landing is very spectacular as well.

  12. Good looking camo' scheme Tommy, well done.

  13. Absolutely brilliant, Tommy! What a beauty!

  14. At first I thought this was 1/48 scale, fantastic work Tommy.

  15. Whew - what a beauty! I've got two old Airfix 1/72 kits of this, and a set of masks - I hope I can get anywhere close to this one. Love your paint and weathering work - looks just perfect!

  16. Tommy, that is a beautifully rendered finish. It looks amazing!

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