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HMS Prince of Wales 1941, Flyhawk 1/700

This is one of my favourite ships, but I have hesitated to post it because, after all, I had built it a bit long time ago. To be honest, it was my first Flyhawk kit and my first attempt at rigging. Again, as before, I cheated with the [...]

HMS Belfast 1943, Trumpeter 1/700

It's been a while since I posted. This time it's HMS Belfast. This is a ship that reminds me of when I worked in London about 25 years ago. My office faced the Thames, and seeing her was my daily life. She was actually there wearing this [...]

HMS Jupiter 1940

This is HMS Jupiter, a J class destroyer, which was pictured the status in 1940. You can see it at Wikipedia. It was based on Flyhawk 1/700 and a bit modified by using generic PEs and self built masts. This is my first post. I hope it has [...]

1/700 H.M.S. Prince of Wales

This build took 4 month, spending about 5 hours a week. It became quite a terrifying experience towards the end, because I know if I were to make a mistake or an accident, it would deny months of effort, I’m just glad I made it to the [...]

1/700 HMS Kelly

1/700 Scale Flyhawk The ship capsized as soon as it was finished and the mast was completely destroyed. The terrible accident completely destroyed my mental state.