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1971 Ferrari 312B - Jacky IckxTamiya 1/12

September 14, 2019 · in Automotive · · 16 · 5.6K

Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I completed this model earlier this year after 4 months work. I was happy how it turned out. Here are some of the build details:

MFH Brown clear fuel line (P975)
MFH zip ties (P1089)
Masterclub 1.4 mm hex nuts
Masterclub 0.7 mm resin rivets 2 x pkg @ 160 each (MC435004)
Titchy 0.03” rivets 3 x pkg @200 each (#8019)
Reji Models seatbelts (REJ-1014)
Scale Scenics Micro Mesh – aluminum (scratch-built intake covers)
0.65mm ignition wire (12676)
Indy Cals Decals: IndyCals Ickx and Hound's-tooth seat
Zero Paints Rosso 70's and 80's (ZP-1007)
Zero Paints 2K Primer
Gravity Colors 2K Clear (GC-306a, b & c)

All my models can be viewed here:

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  1. Delicious as a lolly in its red paint job. Looking awsome with all details.

  2. I like racers from the period where they looked like this. Modern ones, not so much. Beautiful work on this and welcome to iModeler.

  3. Beautiful model! Very well done!


  4. Formula cars of that era are so cool, from a time when drivers actually operated the machines. Nothing like those cookie cutter plastic rolling computers they drive now.

    Beautiful model!

  5. Sharp-lookin' build right there, my friend...welcome to the site.

  6. Beautiful! I love the Tamiya formula 1 cars

  7. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Welcome to this forum Richard.
    As for your first post here, you have just made this model look great and clean.
    Nice work overall.

  8. Welcome Richard. Good to see your models on iModeler. That's a beauty!

  9. A beautifully built and finished piece from a truly golden era of the sport. Well done, Richard.


  10. Excellent, Richard, I especially like the metallic look and all the details you added to your model.

  11. Looks great! I'm not a car guy, but she sure looks the part to me! Welcome aboard.

  12. What Tom said! The area behind the driver is the best. The pipes and velocity stacks really fill out the area around the rear suspension! This looks great, but did you have to remove a battery box where the driver's legs would go? I'm about half done with my Matra MS11 and it had one. Scored a 1/12 P34 last winter and it'll be next. Welcome to iModeler Richard!

    • Hi Josh,

      There was no battery box in this kit. I have the Matra in my stash too - I'll have to check for that. Odd that they motorized these kits - can you imagine spending 4 months building one of these then putting batteries in and watching it run into the wall? At least with balsa aircraft, one has a controller. Some tank kits are motorized too - really odd since they usually have crappy vinyl tracks - I can just see the drive wheels spinning and the tracks doing nothing. I wonder if anyone ever got them to work...

  13. Nice! A real beauty of a build.

  14. Super clean build. I loved those 1/12 F-1 Tamiya kits when I was younger...the Holy Grail of models. Now I am seeing Model Factory Hiro F1 builds that are frankly unbelievable and out of my price range. Great job upgrading the classic Tamiya kit.

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