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1/48th Monogram B-26 Invader As A JD-1

January 27, 2015 · in Aviation · · 39 · 3.2K

Many years have gone by since the 1/48th kit was first released yet that kit is still remarkable and many markings options exist for building it. I decided to build this one as a JD-1, the Navy version. It's finished in the markings of VU-3 and it was used as a target drone control plane. It's colorful markings appealed to me. I used Mike West's Lone Star resin conversion kit to make the changeover from a USAF bomber to a Navy utility aircraft. I worked from photos to add the needed extra antenna masts and rigging. Model Master enamels were used to airbrush the Invader. The fuselage was engine gray, the wings were insignia yellow and the tail was international orange tinted with a bit of insignia red. The under wing tanks were pirated from a Hasegawa F4U-4 Corsair. The white decal markings were custom made by Joseph Osborn of Fireball Models. This builder acknowledges the assistance of Rick Shanner for providing detail drawings of the JD-1 configuration. I hope you enjoy seeing the build and any comments or observations are most welcome.

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  1. lovin these drones...great work

  2. Jim this is a magnificent Invader expertly built! You have motivated me to get mine out of the stash! A black nocturnal Korean bird of prey for me. Love this colourfulversion! Well done my friend!

    • Thank you Morne and I look forward to seeing your build of the Korean War version. That old Monogram kit is well worth the effort to build. I have several more of them in my stash that I intend to build. Glad you enjoyed the JD-1.

      • I got some Eduard PE for the cockpit and some nice aftermarket decals. Mine will have some red cowling trim. A scantly clad gal on the nose
        and a well weathered machine. This will be my 3rd Korean War model in my line up. First a Tigercat, then a Corsair (remember the photos you emailed me) and then the Invader. Only problem is time! 🙂

  3. Colorful bird Jim. One of the sharper builds of this kit than I've seen.

  4. Exquisitely done, my friend...I like that very much. You've done an outstanding job on the 'conversion'.

    • Thanks Craig, that Lone Star resin conversion kit sure did make the changeover much easier to accomplish. Mike West does the modeling community a great service with his products.

  5. She is a beauty Jim…..nice work.

  6. What a great job! I honestly was going to post my USN "Tracker" in these same drone colors today, but I'll hold off and let the gang enjoy your build. I love models like yours that are different and offer an alternative to the "typical" paint schemes.

    • Hello Mike, thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed the JD-1. By all means, go ahead and post your Tracker...that's one of my favorite planes and I'll bet it's sharp in that color scheme. Really looking forward to seeing it.

  7. Lovely work Jim.
    Colourful and well finished.
    Well done mate.

  8. Very nice Invader Jim, she looks great in her Navy suit.

  9. What an attractive colour scheme, Jim, your conversion work, and the painting, have definitely produced a great looking plane.

  10. Thank you George. I appreciate your comments.

  11. A very colorful bird and very well build. Its always a nice "touch" building a more rare version than the more common combat aircraft.
    How many weight did you put in the nose to get it on its three legs?
    Maybe 2015 will see an Invader on my bench.
    Outstanding build Jim 🙂

    • Hello Bernd and thanks for your kind comments. As for how much weight I had to put into the nose, I never weighed it so I really don't know. I used lead wheel weights, what they call strip weights that are flat and rectangular and easy to work with by using wire-cutter pliers. The forward nose section is packed pretty well with several layers of weights contoured to fit the shape of the nose. I tacked them in place with hot wax and later secured them with a few dabs of green putty. After all that set up, I painted them flat black to sort of disappear when looking thru the fuselage clear nose 'glass'.

  12. Love it. Super colour scheme. Great stuff.

  13. So nice! Great job!

  14. WoW! Great job.

  15. Great build - I had not imagined a naval version

    • Hello Ralph and thanks for your comment. The Navy flew the Invader as a drone controller, target tow and/or a utility aircraft. I always thought it looked good in Navy colors. They even had an all-yellow one.

  16. Hello Jim,
    As mentioned above, the out of the usual is doing the trick.
    Colorful and the conversion made it my model for this week.

  17. Jim,
    I'm in the process of going back to the articles I have missed. This is definitely one of the outstanding highlights of my belated journey. This is absolutely gorgeous. Your workmanship and skills are the greatest. Put me down as one of your most ardent fans.

    • Thanks Frank, I'm glad you enjoyed that Invader build. I had seen some good color photos of JD-1's in that color scheme and was compelled to build a model with those markings. That ole Monogram kit was fun to work with. Thank you so much for your kind words.

  18. Don't know how I missed this, that's a really nice looking bird. Now I'll have to start on the one I have on the shelf.

  19. Thanks for your kind words Tom, it was a fun build and I enjoyed working with that fine old kit. I encourage you go ahead with your build as I know you'll enjoy it.

  20. Absolutely stunning, Jim! I've never seen this aircraft as a Navy plane OR in this paint scheme. Outstanding job on one of my personal favorite aircraft types!

  21. Beautiful work and paint!
    This looks very much like the JD-1 of VU-10 I saw on the flight line back in the '60's when my squadron off-loaded from the carrier to operate out of Gitmo for 3 weeks. I have many regrets not shooting a few color pics of it during that time.

    How did you determine the fuselage and vertical stabilizer colors?

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