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The Israeli knife, Avia S-199 “Sakeen”

Welcome everyone!
My most recent job was this 1:32 scale Me-109G-6 model and I purchased the conversion kit of the Czech AML (no.32006). The model was sprayed with paints and the colors were mixed by myself.

The S-199 is a reconstructed fighter by Aircraft Factory, using Bf 109G models manufactured by Škoda Works in Slovakia. The aircrafts were built from the parts and design documentation left by the Germans at the end of the war. Although the model had many problems and was not popular with pilots, the Israeli Air Force used them during the Israeli War of Independence. The Czechoslovakian pilots called it Mezek (the mule), but the Israelis did not take it, they called the model Sakeen ("knife"), which can be derived from the original name Messer.
(Source: Wikipedia)

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8 responses

  1. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Visually striking model and subject Bhandez. A rare addition to anyone's collection.
    Nice camouflage application and weathering, thank you for sharing these images.
    It so refreshing to see the 109 in different clothing.

  2. Huh...I thought "Sakeen" meant "Irony"...

    (Just kidding...)

    Nice work on this bird!

  3. Thank you David! 🙂

  4. Looks great! The 109 sure wore a lot of schemes - I'm just starting to realize how broad a palette one has starting with a 109 "canvas!"

  5. I think the pilots didn't like it because they ruined the looks by changing the nose. It doesn't "flow" like it should.

    Or not ...

    GREAT model, Bhandez Models!

    • Thank you very much Jeff! the pilots did not like this aircraft because it was very unstable when take off and landing. The engine (Jumo-211f) was originally developed for bomber aircraft.

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