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Alan Bottoms 1965- 2019

October 4, 2019 · in Uncategorized · · 28 · 3.4K

Alan was Chairman, founder member and one of the driving forces behind Harrow IPMS, and a keen member and supporter of our sister club Barnet IPMS.

This is a brief tribute to Alan, who died recently after a short battle with cancer.

For those of us who were fortunate enough to know him, Alan was an inspiration for the quality and range of his work. Alan was always generous with his knowledge, encouragement and advice, especially to less experienced modelers, and his friendly nature welcomed many members to the club.

His work was frequently seen in magazines such as Model Aircraft International, Tamiya Magazine, and Airfix Magazine to name a few.

He and Roger Brown led the club for over 25 years since its incorporation in the early 1990’s.

Alan was a modest man, with a love of Alfa Romeo’s, Music, and a rich sense of humour. His underlying courage and strength of character was borne out in his battle with an aggressive cancer. Alan was a good guy.

Alan was a master modeler who excelled at a wide number of subjects and genres.

I have posted a few photos here as a tribute to Alan's talent, and his extensive body of work.

Many, many more examples of this can be found on the Harrow IPMS website.

His loss is keenly felt by us all

God bless and clear skies Alan.

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  1. I didn't know Alan at all but I have looked at both these IPMS sites galleries and so I am familiar with his work and it is amazing , this must be a sad loss to his friends and family, a real shame.

  2. Varying subject matter in the models, (really lovin' the Viggen, Javelin and Lancia Stratos), love of music and Alfas? Seems like Alan and I would've gotten on together. I wish I could have met him. Cancer took my Dad in 18 months the last four or five I would've rather not seen. Thankfully he didn't express any pain, hopefully Alan's was the same. Sorry for your loss (and the community as well) David.

    • I think you would have got on with him too Josh.
      Thanks for your kind words, sadly Alan died within a few months of diagnosis.
      I was sorry to hear about your dad and can understand the sentiments.
      Its nice though to be able to share a little of Alan's skill and range with the community here.

  3. I didn't know Alan either, but it sounds like he was a genuine friend and kind hearted person. I am amazed at his work. He was very talented. Some people can build aircraft, other can build tanks, but it's the very few that can produce such excellent examples as he has done with all types of builds.

    Currently my wife is battling an aggressive cancer... She recently completed her 8th round of chemo. It's such a horrible disease. I pray that someday they find a cure. The sooner the better.

    My condolences...

  4. My condolences to Allan's family.
    My wife is battling an aggressive cancer too, and I know what we are talking about.

  5. A fitting tribute to indeed a "master modeler", as is apparent from the accompanying photos. I lost my wife to cancer 2 years ago, so I know the anguish Alan's family and friends feel. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, David.

  6. May he rest in peace. lost my brother in law recently to the scourge, a long and winding road...

  7. I didnt know Allen, but I respect him. My sincere condolences to the family.

  8. Looking at Alan's portfolio of models ...its discouraging to say the list when someone who shines so bright, has so much potential and is willing to give of ones self so freely is taken away abruptly for no rational reason. Cancer doesn't discriminate it doesn't matter who you our.

    Another site likes to commemorate it's former members by posting their articles allowing folks to read old articles and view the modelers work. To paraphrase the Egyptians would say; "Say my name and I will live forever."

    Thoughts and prayers to Alan and his family.

  9. Condolences for the loss. As others have pointed out, there are few of us in this hobby who can masterfully create models in almost every genre of the field (I'll bet he's got a handsome boat hiding somewhere, to make it unanimous). Always hate hearing about the loss of the ones who make the hobby better for their presence, as he obviously did,.

    • Tom you were right, and thank you for the kind and wise words.
      Alan did make the hobby better for being part of it,

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  10. Blue skies Alan. Thanks for all you gave to the modelling community.

  11. Thank you Michel, for your kind word we greatly appreciate them

  12. The modeling skills Alan had were outstanding, in all areas, but it's so sad to loose anyone to cancer, especially that young. I lost my wife to cancer an even younger age, almost lost my brother last year, and I beat it twice. Whenever I see someone who looks so young and vital - gone to cancer, it hits and especially strong nerve with me.
    May he rest in peace.

  13. oh...i think you know he was one of my modelling heroes David...i'm so sad...prayers and tears for his and your family...thanks for posting...God bless...forever young...RIP sir

  14. Such a lost to the modeling community. I'm sure you'll miss his presence, but one is not totally forgotten when we have memories of his life. Condolences to his family and friends.

  15. Thanks for the tribute, David. It seems like the "good ones" are getting harder to find these days. Cheers.

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