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October 22, 2019 · in Aviation · · 16 Comments

In early 2013 I was surfing "Scalehobbist's" web site as I have been buying all my models and supplies from them since I moves from San Jose, CA to Dolores, Colorado.U.S.A. Scalehobbyist is located in a state above New York City. My hobby shop in San Jose was about 10 miles away, whereas the nearest hobby shop in my area of Colorado was over 200 miles away.

I came across this airliner made by a company that I never heard of. It's name is "ZVEDA" with a kit #7008 and in 1/144th scale. I had built several airline models, so this kit was nothing new for me. I thought it would be a great challenge to paint the blue stripes on its' fuselage, so I bought the kit for around 30-40 American Dollars.

The kit parts were formed to the highest degree with next to no flashing and the fit was top of the line.

I'm showing my first segment which is the two engines and WOW, they are beautiful to say the least. I followed the building instruction and painted the parts with my Titanium Silver paint, using my trusted "like-new" 30 year old Badger-200 airbrush.

This is my first story on "iModeler" so I hope everything goes as planned. I'll develop Part Two soon, so thanks for looking.

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  1. Hi Rodney. I have the started the same kit and am also impressed with it. I also picked up their 747-8 which is equally nice and seems to be the most accurate shaped "whale" kit out there. Zvezda seems to be coming out with some very nice 1/144 airliners. I'm planning my 787 in Thai Airways markings, and I'd be very interested in your build experience and some photos. Enjoy!

    -Jeff Thomsen

    • Hi Jeff:
      My kit is called 747-8 so I assumed that by looking at the box art on the web that it's a 747-800. I built flying stick and solid wooden models from 1937 to 1954. I got back into the "plastic model" kits in 1977 with my 10 year old son. In 1984 I joined IPMS/USA and two local chapters in the San Francisco, California area, including the "Society of Air Race Historians;(SARH) in the Cleveland, Ohio/USA area. I built models for customers from 1984 until 2007. Due to the "shaky-hand syndrome" by "Parkinson's" disease I quit modeling in November, 2016. I have 288 models here at home with 301 awards. Not bad for a beginner.

      Over the years, I learned by experimenting with everything when it comes to model building and this "ZVEDA" airliner is one of the best models that I have ever built. The rest of my stories will show the results.


  2. Good start Rodney, welcome to iModeler !

  3. Looking good! and welcome to the site!

  4. Welcome to Imodeler ! I think you will enjoy it here.

    Those engines look great ! I'll be looking forward to part 2.

  5. Welcome to iModeler, Rodney. I'm sure we'll all be very happy you arrived.

    Zvezda is a good model company, so you picked right.

    Sad that the Dreamliner nowadays is the epitome of "If it's Boeing, I ain't going," given the horrific "quality" control at that (non-union) factory down in South Carolina. They're finding all kinds of stuff left behind in bad places to leave things behind, things installed wrong, etc., etc. Too bad the "geniuses" from McDonnell management took over Boeing and turned it into another McDonnell (MBAs should never be allowed to decide anything more important than whether to order out Chinese for lunch), but the airplane looks nice. I'm sure you'll get that prototype looking great.

  6. Looks like a great start. Engines look awesome. Welcome to iModeler.

  7. Hi there @f2g1d
    Welcome to the friendly site of iModeler! - a great place to share your creations!

    While it is indeed OK to share your build posts in headlines, I find it very useful to post in groups, that way you can have the entire build in one "topic" with comments and all. I do however think there is a way to gather all your posts from headlines in a series, so whatever you find works for you is the best way to go!

    Anyway - welcome to the site, looking forward to follow this dreamliner build!

    • Since this is my first story on "iModeler" I have limited know-how on computer terms, like the word of "headliners," and "groups" that you use. I started this story just like I have done for over 150 stories for other web-sites and including dozens of "newsletters" for 3 clubs over ther past 17 years. Any ways, thanks for your input on the 787.800. I'm going to start on part two today.


  8. Rodney the Master! Thanks for finding us, and posting that airliner article. The Zvezda 787-8 looks fabulous, so, on your insistence, I now have to get one to build. I thought that you had dropped off the face of the earth, since I never see you at shows in California anymore. I suppose, given the nature of things currently happening in this state, that you are much better off in Colorado, where you can enjoy modeling in peace.

    Anyway, welcome, Rodney...I hope to see more posts from you, especially some of those big Corsairs, and such.

  9. Hey Marvin: YEAH-O-LA... i guess I did drop off the edge, when I left San Jose back in 2004, however I did go to annual Phoenix, Arizona, Grand Junction, Colorado, including some IPMS/USA show's from 2004 to 2016 while living near Dolores, Colorado. I had to quit modeling in November, 2016. I have "ET" which is nothing more than a bad case of "Shaky Hand's."

    Next 787-800 story coming today!

  10. The legend has arrived!
    Welcome Rodney. You most likely don't have a clue who I am but you helped me quite a bit a few years back with some tips on masking and tapes. It's great to see you on here. I too, am really looking forward to seeing this airliner moving forward.

  11. Welcome aboard! Looking good so far...

  12. Welcome Rodney! I remember your high quality finishes well.

    • Thank's much John:

      I'm trying to post my 2nd story...BUT!@#$%^&.
      I select the photos, then write a story and try to find the "SEND" item on the site, but I'm not having any luck after trying several times. Somehow I clicked on the wrong icon or what ever you want to call it. Then I go back and find out that all my photos plus the story has been deleted.

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