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F-100F,Chase-1, X-15 program chase plane, 1/72 Italeri.

November 14, 2019 · in Aviation · · 12 · 3.6K

This was one of three F-100Fs utilized as Chase aircraft early on in the X-15 program at Edwards AFB. Flying Chase -1, it would take off with the NB-52 and fly formation during the climb out and cruise to the launch lake. The chase pilot would visually verify various parts of the X-15 checklist such as control surface movement ,propellant jettison,, ballistic system check, APU start and engine priming. They were later replaced by the T-38.The F-104 was also used as chase planes, usually covering the launch and subsequent landing.

Using the book 'Hypersonic- the story of the North American X-15' as reference for my recent B-52/X-15 build I noticed photos of the chase planes, for some reason the two seat Hun caught my interest. the only draw back is there's not to many detailed photos of said A/C, even on the net.

I settled for a scheme used on aircraft 56-3726 early on in the program, resplendent in the orange.

I used the kit standard USAF decals with homemade serial and buzz numbers, for the AFFTC tail and badges, I purchased an extra decal sheet from Atlantis' B-52/X-15.

The book I mentioned as reference has a wealth of info for any one interested in X-15, it was quite a program. The kit I used was the F-100F.

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  1. Nice job Robert! I have a special love for the F-100, Collings Foundation has one in my backyard and I get to see it frequently. She's an awesome bird.

  2. Very nice I love Da-Glo markings!

  3. Ticks all the boxes for me too- classic 50s jet, space-race connection, dayglo scheme, and 1/72 scale. Fantastic.

  4. Looks good Robert, nice and bright, well done.

  5. I like your work on the "X-15 program airplanes" - this is great!

  6. Nicely done Robert, that dayglo really looks good on the Sabre.

  7. Fine looking Hun Robert!

  8. Nice one - the orange really set's it off.

  9. You know, Monogram made the NB-52 recently. It would be neat to see the photo with it and your F-100 recreated! (You could have friends hold them up by the wingtips and crop them out of the shot.) The Hun looks great and with some day-glo to mix things up a bit to boot!

  10. What a neat looking plane... The Orange really makes this one pop. I have two of the old 1/48 Monogram "Huns" in the stash. I hope to someday build one in a NMF and the other in SE Asia colors.

    Yours looks fantastic.


  11. Hello Robert,
    Very nice. What a splendid scheme. Regards, Dirk

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