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F6f-5 Hellcat, VF-74 Flying Wolfhounds,1944.1/72 Hasegawa.

The VF-74 Flying Wolfhounds, not to be confused with VF-74 Bedevilers, which began as VBF-20 and then VF-92. a bit confusing, was established March 1944 at Norfolk Va. training at NAS Atlantic City. Sailed onboard USS Kasaan Bay CVE-69 with their early model F6F-5’s. Along with VOF-1 on board the Tulagi Bay CVE-72 and several British CVEs. participated in Operation Dragoon, the invasion of southern France. Combat included close to three hundred sorties mostly ground attack, two aerial victories a JU-88 and a DO-217, losing five aircrew and six aircraft mostly due to ground fire.VF-74 also had a detachment of night fighters on the island or Corsica. After the mission was complete they returned home and was disestablished October 1944, a pretty short lived career. In that short time’ they did have a squadron patch and even had a decal for their aircraft but I don’t think they got a chance to apply them, maybe they didn’t get them in time. I discovered the squadron while searching for VF-74 info { I’m a former Bedeviler}. So I present another obscure Hellcat in the boring dark sea blue. The kit is the venerable Hasegawa, it looks like a very early molding. Its supposed to be the early -5 so I installed the rear windows. The rockets came from Eduard’s Hellcat kit. Now to search for another obscure kitty[already got the kitty coming],thanks for looking.

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8 responses to F6f-5 Hellcat, VF-74 Flying Wolfhounds,1944.1/72 Hasegawa.

  1. You did a fine job with your Cat !!! It was an interesting article too…………… Well done buddy. It’s always neat when you learn more about the history of a unit that you served with. Having an original photo to work from of the actual plane your building is another big help.

    I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. What did you use for the antennae cable ??? ……………and do you have any thoughts about what your next “Cat” build will be ???

    Thanks for sharing this with us.


  2. Tanks for your comments, I used EZ line for the antennae. Next one?, think of Hellcat over Brooklyn. And to you Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Nicely done and presented Robert, looks good !!

  4. Great looking Hellcat!

  5. Nice job Robert – love the flying wolfhound badge!

  6. Nice research as well as a good looking Cat Robert.

  7. Great looking Hellcat Robert! Well done.

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