Desperate Measures...1/48 Bücker Bü181C-2 Bestmann, Tankbuster

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Built in 2017.

One of the last desperate measures of the Luftwaffe in the final stage of the war, fitting sports aircraft with Panzerfäuste.
The model shows an aircraft of 3.Panzerjägerstaffel, established on March 4th 1945, first combat sortie April 19th and last one most probably on April 23rd.
Pilots and aircrafts had helluva rides and many were shot down. The system hadn´t much success.
Yellow 10 was "stolen" by two war-tired flight instructors, Unteroffizier Hans Ficker and Unteroffizier Werner Diermayer who fled to Switzerland where the aircraft was examined and later used in the Swiss Airforce.

Stransky kit, Panzerfäuste are from the "normal" Special Hobby Bücker kit because these are molded more nicely. The kit decals are not that good, very thin, tend to wrap when pulling them off the carrier paper and when you want to bring them into the right position they act like chewing gum. In the end my dad had tu use two Balkenkreuz from the sparesbox. Bowdens on the wings with EZ Line.

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  1. Another Spreitzhofer masterpiece. Well done.

  2. Interesting subject. Nice, clean build. I like it!

  3. Cool to see one of them Stransky kits built. Have one of them on my build table, going for a Swedish scheme though. Love the little details like aiming sights and fire control cables added.

  4. Great work on this. I also have one of these and hope to get to it soon.

  5. Reinhard, @grimreaper
    I never knew this system of strapping 4 Panzerfaust on an aircraft wing even existed... much less was used in combat. I learned something new here.

    The model looks great, as per your usual, so you know I definitely pressed the "liked" button. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  6. Hmm isn´t the yellow stripe symbolizing a test unit?

  7. Very cool! Now I know where our Brit friends got the idea for over-wing mounting of AAMs!

  8. Was not aware of this desperate action by the Germans.
    A great build to make this clear, Reinhard.
    Well done.

  9. I remember a guy had one of these Bu-181s at Watsonville for a show back in the 70s. Got a ride with him for about 20-30 minutes. Very nice-flying little beast.

    And as everyone else has said, another Spreitzhofer Flugzeug Arbeitschaft masterpiece.

  10. Very nicely built! It reminds me of the American observation pilot who had bazookas fitted to his L-4. Ficker and Diermayer had the right idea. Could you imagine flying that thing knowing you had a Yak or Tempest after you? No thanks.

  11. Amazing model, Reinhard!
    Love all those "obscure" subjects you have tackled.

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