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German Submarine Type XXI

November 9, 2019 · in Ships · · 8 Comments

At the beginning of 1945 with Germany had the most advanced submarine in the world at that time. Due to numerous technical innovations it was capable of unlimited submerged travel as the diesel engines drew in the necessary fresh air through a special snorkel. It had a linear shape designed for submarine travel and its battery capacity was three times greater, giving it a sensational speed of 17 knots submerged.

Other innovations were noiseless electric motors for stealth, highly sensitive navigation instruments and 2 cm anti-aircraft gun turrets

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8 responses

  1. Nice work on this.

  2. Looks good; which kit/scale?

  3. Very nice, this build. Interior increases the workload on any model more than twice but you got to a very fine result, Geir. Kudos!

  4. I was actually looking at building this kit. It looks good and encouraging.

  5. Excellent work. Very cool. Having been in the U-boat at the Chicago Museum of Science & Industry, this bring s back memories

  6. Very nice - love the cut-away options.

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