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Heller 1/72 Lockheed EC-121 "Warning Star"

November 23, 2019 · in Aviation · · 8 ≡

BIG ! This is a large, old kit, that shows both it's size and age. There are several aftermarket kits, for those who want to upgrade. Mine is straight from the box. There are few parts, but a lot of plastic, and it takes a lot of weight to hold that nose down. Aftermarket decals allow for several schemes. All my "difficulties" came from it's enormity. It seemed that every time I glued on a part at one end, I'd break off a part at the other. I called it a "bull in a China shop". It's big enough to be impressive, yet a simple build.

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  1. I don't think there is another four engine piston powered plane that looks as good as the Connie. (The radomes don't help, but the lower one does look like the SpeedPak they would occasionally carry and the upper one, well it's not a warning star without it!). You carried out the scheme for the 121 beautifully Joe. The Connie is one I wish would come to 1/48! There was an EC-121 being restored in Camarillo. Made one flight to Yanks Air Museum in Chino. (It's USAF so it doesn't have the snazzy two tone Navy scheme though.)

    • Connie's a beauty for sure. I had the privilege to fly in 2 different ones - from the same airline; Varig Airlines. I was 8, but I have always loved the Connies.

  2. I agree, one of the most beautifully designed aircraft, you did a great job!

  3. She's a beauty Joe! Looks like it's time for you to move to the dining room table...

  4. Fine looking build of a beautiful aircraft.

  5. Nice work Joe , she's a real beauty.

  6. I agree with these comments Joe ! You did real good here buddy ...

    The Connie is one of the most graceful planes to ever take flight. I remember building up one that was much smaller... 1/144 I think ?

    Mine was wearing TWA markings right from the box and it was from the late 1970's / early 80's going from memory.

  7. Always loved the elegant lines of the Connie, and would love to build one, but - as you mentioned - even in 1/72 they take up a lot of real estate!

    Nice work on this one.

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